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PowerTerm® Host Publisher's Components

PowerTerm Host Publisher - Components

PowerTerm Host Publisher is made up of a number of complimentary components: the SDK, the server, and wrappers.

PowerTerm Host Publisher SDK

The PowerTerm Host Publisher SDK has three major components: the integration server, the integration server administrator, and the testing utility.

Allowing developers to test and deploy while they are working, the integration server comes with a limited number of concurrent sessions.

The integration server “talks” to the legacy system as well as exposing high-level services and interfaces.

The administrator component is a stand-alone application that can be run on the same computer or on others, where the user connects to the server as an administrator rather than a client. With the testing utility, administrators can invoke the testing utility from within the server so it can be run on different machines.

Easy to deploy and maintain, the SDK provides a complete development and testing environment.

PowerTerm Host Publisher Server

There are two versions of the PowerTerm Host Publisher Server: the Windows server developed in native Windows, and the Java server which is multi-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, SCO, OpenVMS, and Solaris.

Both servers are highly scalable and communicate with users and hosts.

PowerTerm Host Publisher Wrappers

PowerTerm Host Publisher, which communicates with XML over sockets (java) and DCOM (native Windows), comes with wrappers which enable communication with many different platforms. Wrappers include the Win Wrapper (for Visual Basic and C++ on Windows), Java wrapper, EJB wrapper (for J2EE, Enterprise Java beans), PHP wrapper, a wrapper for the .net environment and others.

The patented DB wrapper gives the integration server the appearance of a database, with a familiar API so a wide range of software can work with it.

The Web Services wrapper includes elements such as the WSDL file and standard SOAP, using the web server as its platform.

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