Run Pearson TestNav 7.5 on Chromebooks Using Ericom AccessNow
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Need to Run Pearson TestNav 7.5 on Chromebooks?

You can, using Ericom AccessNow and TestNav 7.5 with Chromebooks — the First On–Premise Solution Certified as TestNav Qualified by Pearson

TestNav AccessNow and TestNav 7.5 with Chromebooks makes it possible for K-12 school districts using TestNav 7.5 to run a wide variety of assessment programs (e.g., MST and SATP) on Chromebooks. AccessNow helps to preserve existing IT investments while reducing operating costs.

The 5-Point Challenge... and the Ericom Solution

  1. TestNav 7.5 runs in an Internet Explorer (IE) browser and uses Java to lock down user-devices to prevent cheating.
  2. Many school districts use TestNav 7.5 and now want to deploy Chromebooks.
  3. However, Java and IE do not run on Chromebooks.
  4. The Java issue is solved in TestNav 8. But for various reasons such as test incompatibility and contractual obligations, many school districts cannot / have not yet upgraded, to TestNav 8.0.
  5. In the meantime, these school districts on TestNav 7.5 can use Ericom AccessNow and TestNav 7.5 with Chromebooks - a simple, easy and zero-maintenance solution.

How it Works

To use Ericom AccessNow and TestNav 7.5 with Chromebooks, follow the Step-by-Step instructions.

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Ericom AccessNow & TestNav 7.5 with Chromebooks can assist school districts needing an on-premise way to deliver TestNav 7.5 to Chromebooks and help ensure the integrity of test delivery

Bryan Bleil,
Vice President, Online & Technology Implementation

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