Going Bold: Cybersecurity is Not for the Faint of Heart

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Posted on May 24, 2023

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Last week, after much anticipation and planning, Ericom launched a new website with a bold modern look and an updated logo.

As any alert citizen of the 21st century knows, cyberattacks are among the most pervasive threats to businesses today.  Organizations of all sizes must create and maintain strong defenses against the full range of threat actors – from amateurs seeking quick profits with malware-for-hire to sophisticated nation-state actors aiming to disrupt vital service provision. But there’s a delicate balance at work: Restricting access too much or requiring users to jump through too many security hoops can easily result in productivity loss, user dissatisfaction and sky-high costs for helpdesk calls for exception requests.

As an innovative cybersecurity firm with roots in virtualization and access solutions, Ericom has paired security and access from its very inception. It was right there in our “Be connected, be secure” tagline well before the idea of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) was even a twinkle in Gartner’s eye.

With the disappearance of the network perimeter, new work-from-anywhere and hybrid work structures, and appification of how business is done, security and access are converging more than ever before… and are more critical too. And Ericom has stepped up to address this challenge with innovative cyber solutions for organizations in security-first fields like healthcare, finance, defense and entertainment.

Today, Ericom is a leader in cloud-based solutions that leverage isolation to create solutions that address precisely this need. Ericom ZTEdge Security Service Edge (SSE) makes secure access to the web, private networks and apps, SaaS apps, and even virtual meetings simple for security engineers and IT admins to manage, while minimizing extra restrictions and productivity loss that makes security a dirty word for users and business execs.

And of course, with its acquisition by Cradlepoint, Ericom is now poised to help secure the everywhere enterprise networks made possible by 5G.

So, what does all of this have to do with our new site, new colors and new logo? Everything! Our bold red conveys the strong protection provided by Ericom’s ZTEdge cybersecurity solutions, while the stark black and white represent the clear distinctions that are central to the Zero Trust “never trust, always verify” approach.

Finally, the bold, sharp edges and angles of our new design symbolize our prevention-based approach, which leverages isolation technology to power simple, highly effective security solutions that are easy to manage and nearly transparent to users, yet draw strong secure boundaries in this perimeter-less age.

We invite you to look around the new site and learn more about our portfolio of solutions.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback – we’re here to help you!

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About Gerry Grealish

Gerry Grealish, ZTEdge CMO, is a security industry veteran, bringing over 20 years of marketing and product experience in cybersecurity, cloud, analytics, and related technologies. Responsible for marketing and business development, Gerry previously was at Symantec, where he led the product marketing and go-to-market activities for the company’s broad Network Security portfolio. Prior to Symantec, Gerry was at Blue Coat, which he joined as part of Blue Coat’s acquisition of venture-backed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) innovator, Perspecsys, where he was Chief Marketing Officer.

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