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Ericom AccessNow HTML5 Software: Download, Installation & Activation Instructions

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Ericom AccessNow is a high performance HTML5 RDP client that provides quick & easy, browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops, from any device, anywhere, including Google Chromebooks, Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPhone, Android and locked down devices.

Please follow the instructions below to download, install and activate Ericom AccessNow:

NOTE: If you have already downloaded AccessNow, you can go directly to the activation page.

  1. Download and install the Ericom Access Server.
  2. See "Related Downloads" to download just the web components and/or a Universal Print Driver and/or the Ericom Secure Gateway.

  3. Ericom Access ServerVer.DocRelease NotesNotes
    Windows (32 Bit)7.3DocumentationRelease Notes
    Windows (64 Bit)7.3DocumentationRelease Notes
    Related Downloads
    Web Components 
    Ericom AccessNow Web Component Installer7.3DocumentationRelease NotesInstall on a Windows server. The installation will automatically create AccessNow virtual folder.
    Ericom AccessNow Web Component zip7.3DocumentationRelease NotesUse the zip file to manually place the AccessNow Web Component on your web server. This zip archive is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, and can be used with any web server, such as Apache.
    Printer Drivers (required for Windows 8 & 2012)
    Windows 8 & 2012 (32 Bit)   Install HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PostScript.
    Windows 8 & 2012 (64 Bit)   install HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PostScript x64.
    Ericom Secure Gateway (ESG)
    Windows7.3Documentation Ericom Secure Gateway allows users to connect from outside an organization, without requiring a VPN.

  4. Activation Instructions

    Click here to activate AccessNow within 30 days of installing the product.

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