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Windows on a Chromebook / Chromebox – FAQ

Works from a Chromebook, and natively with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other HTML5–compliant browsers

For quick and easy connectivity to applications and desktops from Chromebooks and any other device with an HTML5 compatible web browser.

What is Ericom AccessNow?

AccessNow is an HTML5 RDP client written purely in HTML5.

  • Runs wholly inside the browser
  • Does not install anything on the client device
  • Looks, works and performs like, and even better than, the regular (native) RDP client

What is Pure HTML?

This means that the AccessNow HTML5 client, which is implemented using only standard Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), does not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other special software installed on the end-user device.

Key Benefits of AccessNow by Ericom

  • Uses the same client for ALL platforms
  • Looks and works the same way on all platforms
  • Eliminates management of end-point devices – no installation, configuration, management, update, patching, etc...
  • Integrates Ericom RDP compression and acceleration technology delivering great remote access performance
  • Supports any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform, including Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPad mini, iPhone , Android, BlackBerry / Playbook and Amazon Kindle Fire HD, etc.
  • Provides secure, encrypted access when connecting from outside the firewall . AccessNow also works smoothly with existing SSL VPNs

Technical Features

AccessNow by Ericom takes advantage of HTML5 Web browser technology to deliver immediate, high-performance RDP access to applications and desktops, from anywhere and on almost any end-user device.

  • Leverages the HTML5 canvas to display a remote PC desktop, taking full advantage of WebSockets and HTML5 technologies
  • Is implemented using only standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • Compatible with SSL VPNs and web proxies that do not support WebSockets
  • URL redirection - clicking a web link in the remote session optionally opens it in a tab in the local browser
  • Integrates with portals
  • Printing – Print from remote host to the Chromebook. Printouts open as Adobe Acrobat reader (.pdf) files in new browser tabs. Users can easily send them to local printers, save them, email, etc
  • Supports File Transfers between local and remote sessions
  • Supports Intel x86, ARM or any other CPU architecture
  • Localized UI (User Interface) – UI locale automatically selected based on browser locale
  • UI is displayable in English, Japanese, Chinese and other languages
  • Supports multiple keyboard locales including Japanese and Korean

Security Features

  • Ericom AccessNow uses the browsers' built-in TLS / SSL encryption capabilities to ensure privacy and security
  • AccessNow is compatible with leading SSL VPNs such as Juniper and Cisco
  • Ericom also provides a free Secure Gateway that provides authenticated and secure, single-port entry into internal corporate resources
  • A special edition of AccessNow for VMware View Supports integration with RSA® SecurID® and SecurEnvoy® SecureAccess and SecurICE two-factor authentication products.

HTML5 RDP Client Browser

How AccessNow for Chromebook works

  1. Chromebok user navigates to the AccessNow URL to start the connection.
  2. Client connects to AccessNow Server using WebSockets – AccessNow Server usually installed on RDP host itself.
  3. AccessNow Server translates WebSocket communication to/from RDP
  4. Remote Windows desktop / application UI is displayed inside the browser window


  • RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol. A remote display protocol developed by Microsoft. RDP is a standard component of Microsoft Windows.
  • RDP Host – a Windows system that can be remotely accessed using Microsoft RDP.
  • HTML5 – a new update to the HTML specification. Extends HTML with new features and functionality for communication, display, etc.
  • WebSockets – a bi-directional, full-duplex communication mechanism introduced in the HTML5 specification.
  • SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is a cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over the Internet.
  • Chromebook - mobile device running Google Chrome OS. The devices comprise a distinct class of personal computer, falling between a pure cloud client and traditional laptop.

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 Video - Ericom HTML5 RDP Client
Video - Ericom HTML5 RDP Client

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