Ericom Access Solutions and Bring Your Own Device BYOD

Access Solutions for the Bring–Your–Own–Device (BYOD) Era

Embrace BYOD — minimize IT hassles and help desk support load. Take advantage of Ericom's secure, anywhere, any device connectivity and access management solutions.

It goes by many different names (BYOD, BYOT, BYOC, Consumerization of IT) but one thing is clear: More and more people want to use their own devices in their place of work or study. A recent study by Cisco1 reported the following:

  • 78% of employees in the surveyed US enterprises have a mobile device for work
  • In 41% of those enterprises, most of the smartphones connected to company networks today are employee-owned
  • 88% of IT leaders are seeing BYOD growth in their organizations

This trend will accelerate due to the proliferation of iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks, as well as employee-owned laptop PCs. These devices are more powerful than ever before, and their capabilities and features will continue to expand.

Take advantage of what mobile devices have to offer and make BYOD work for you

BYOD is found in many types of organizations, including Business, Education, Healthcare and more. Ericom's BYOD solutions address the challenges and opportunities that are unique to each environment.

1Cisco IBSG Horizons Study, May 2012