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Ericom empowers students & staff with remote access to any application, from anywhere and any device - PC, Chromebook, Mobile device, Laptop, Mac, and more!

Ericom's remote access solutions are simple, cost-effective and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of learning scenarios. Use them in combination or each on their own, either unmanaged or centrally managed. Ericom's RDP clients integrate with the Ericom Secure Gateway, as well as with or instead of a VPN / SSL VPN.

As an approved E-Rate provider, Ericom deploys a wide range of affordable remote access solutions at schools and libraries across the country that are required for next-generation teaching and learning, while maximizing approved E-Rate funds

Remote Desktop Access From Chromebooks in Schools Browser-based Remote Access to Windows Applications & Desktops BYOD Access in K-12 and Higher Education
ChromebookRun Windows-based educational software on Chromebooks HTML5 RDP SolutionEnable clientless connectivity and access management — zero install on the user device BYOD SolutionAddress security and manageability issues that Ed Tech faces in implementing BYOD, for any user device, anywhere
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