RDP Client for Chromebooks for Education

Extend the reach of Chromebooks to Windows educational applications – and to all websites

With Google Chromebooks and Ericom AccessNow (a pure HTML5 RDP client), students and faculty can now access Windows educational applications & desktops running on Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms. Watch this recorded Google + Hangout as 3 schools discuss the benefits of using Chromebooks & Ericom AccessNow.

The Chromebook and AccessNow Combined Solution Offers a Complete Educational Access Platform!

  • Gives students and faculty the mobility to access Windows and web-based instructional, e-Learning, collaboration and productivity apps, e.g. Microsoft Word / Excel - from anywhere (school, library, home, lab or field)!
  • Enables access to Edu websites and systems (e.g., ALEKS) and web applications (e.g., MAP TAA) not supported by Chrome (those requiring Java or ActiveX).
  • Eliminates the need for PC and Mac software management, reducing IT costs, configuration complexity and help desk / support workload.

  Download the WhitePaper: Chromebook and BYOD Success in Education

Additional Benefits of AccessNow for Your School

  • Simple, easy and inexpensive to maintain- NO software installation or plug-ins. required.
  • AccessNow runs entirely inside the browser and uses standard web technologies, virtually eliminating device management and support costs.
  • Simplifies BYOD implementation - supports access from any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform, including Google Chromebooks, Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, iPad / iPhone , Android, etc. Also works with current, HTML5 compatible browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
  • A special version of AccessNow integrates into Education portals. Users simply click on an icon to connect to their Windows application or desktop. Click here to schedule a free 1-on-1 demo.

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All you need is a Chromebook and an Internet connection!

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 Video - Word on Chromebook
Video - RDP Client for Chromebook / Chrome OS devices

Customer Quote   

"We tested Ericom for a few months and we quickly discovered how easy AccessNow is to deploy and use. You simply log in and you have your Windows desktop. It just works."

- Tommy Carter, IT Systems Engineer for Richland School District Two

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  Ericom AccessNow and Chromebook Datasheet  (265 kb)