Zero Trust Workspace and Desktop Access

Add Zero Trust security to defend your organization from RDP attacks.

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Brute-Force Attacks

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Lateral Movement

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Stolen Credentials

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Hackers are targeting poorly guarded Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections to infiltrate corporate networks

Remote access to desktops and workspaces has never been more important – or more fraught with risk. Cybercriminals or malicious insiders who gain access to desktops via malware, brute-force attacks or phished credentials can quickly move laterally through your extended network, injecting and spreading ransomware, disrupting operations, and exfiltrating data.

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Zero Trust Desktop Access

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Firewall, IPS & Web Security

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Least Privilege Access

Ericom Desktop brings security to RDP

Ericom Desktop brings a Zero Trust security approach to remote desktop access. Remote users attempting to access in-office desktops are first authenticated via built in Identity & Access Management capabilities. Once authenticated, they are granted access to only their in-office desktop and other network-connected applications that they are explicitly authorized to use. Cloud-based microsegmentation controls, powered by firewall and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities, ensure that Zero Trust access is enforced.

Intrusion Prevention System and Network Monitoring capabilities are built-in to Ericom Desktop to help organizations keep their networks safe. And since cybercriminals’ playbooks for compromising networks includes gaining access to desktops and directing them to malicious websites to download malware, Ericom Desktop includes a secure web gateway (SWG) and remote browser isolation (RBI) to block these attack vectors.

Moving to a Zero Trust
isolation-based security
approach is faster and easier
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