What is Browser Isolation?

What is browser isolation? Learn about its role in protecting against web-borne threats.

What is Browser Isolation?

Browser isolation is an approach to cybersecurity that separates an end user’s web browsing activity from the local network and its infrastructure.

When a browser isolation solution is in place, any active code or scripts originating from the web browser are run in an isolated, disposable container. Infiltration from the public internet is practically impossible, as there is an “air-gap” created around the organizational network.

At the end of user browsing sessions, the virtual container is destroyed, along with the code inside it. Web based malware never reaches the endpoint or organizational network at all.

These solutions are also sometimes referred to as “web isolation”, or when not running on the user device, “remote browser isolation” (RBI).

The benefits

Browser isolation is an effective solution against many types of web  based threats, such as ransomware and malvertising.

The benefits of using a good isolation platform include:

Protection from known and unknown threats
Browser isolation is a prevention-based approach. It doesn’t rely on detecting known threats using signatures. Instead, it runs all active code outside of the network, suspicious or otherwise, so that no threat makes it to the network or endpoint - even the latest, unknown threats.
Retained productivity
Good browser isolation technology will provide secure web browsing and a seamless user experience, using a safe, interactive web content stream, so that users can continue to browse as normal, without the risk of falling prey to browser based threats.
Central management
Effective browser isolation technology will provide a central dashboard for managing web security at the network level.
Reduced need for endpoint protection solutions
Remote browser isolation solutions reduce the complexity and costs associated with protecting individual endpoint devices from web based cyber attacks, as there is no need for endpoint software installation.
Safe file downloads
Some remote browsing solutions, such as Ericom Shield, include factory-integrated file sanitization using CDR technology. This ensures that any files downloaded from the web are clean and safe to use.

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