What is Browser Isolation?

What is Browser Isolation? Learn about Browser Isolation, its role in protecting organizations against web-borne threats and how to get started with it.

What is Browser Isolation?

Browser isolation is an approach to cybersecurity that focuses on an often-overlooked threat; your browsers. The internet is an inextricable part of how people work today. But each time an employee opens a web browser, they are potentially exposing your organization to untold threats and all types of malware, ranging from trojans to ransomware to phishing threats and more. With Browser Isolation, you can separate your users' web browsing activity from the local network and its infrastructure. This protects your endpoints and networks from known variants of malware and more important, it also protects them from unknown, or zero day threats.

When a browser isolation solution is in place, any active code or scripts originating from the web browser are run in an isolated, disposable container. that is disposed of at the end of the browsing session or after a set period of idle time. This ensures that no content—good or bad—reaches your endpoints. All your users get is a clean and safe stream of interactive content. Browser Isolation is also sometimes referred to as “Web Isolation”, or when it is not running on the user device, “Remote Browser Isolation” (RBI). This means that since all traffic is contained and disposed of, web-based malware never reaches the endpoint or organizational network at all.

These solutions are also sometimes referred to as “web isolation”, or when not running on the user device, “remote browser isolation” (RBI).

How can Browser Isolation help your organization?

In 2016, Gartner analysts said that it was "time to isolate your services from the internet cesspool". This is what Browser Isolation is all about. It protects organizations and users from the dangers of the web, while allowing them to get their work done without the obstacles and drawbacks that come with solutions such as whitelisting (slows productivity, can miss malware that is hiding on once-safe sites) and employee awareness training (all it takes is one employee who should know better to click on the wrong link and jeopardize an entire organization). Browser Isolation is the effective Zero Trust-based answer to preventing many of today's most pressing security threats.

There are many benefits of using a robust and dynamic Browser Isolation solution, including:

Protection from all web-based threats, known and unknown (zero-day) threats
Browser Isolation is a prevention-based approach that assumes that all traffic may be malicious. It doesn’t rely on detecting threats using methods such as signatures, which can only prevent known (i.e., not unknown zero-day threats). Instead, it runs all active code outside of the network, suspicious or otherwise, so that no threat makes it to the network or endpoint - even the latest, unknown threats.
Preserves productivity
A good browser isolation solution provides a seamless browsing experience, giving users nothing but a safe, interactive content stream, so that they can continue to use and browse the web as normal, without the risk of falling prey to web-borne threats. There's no impact to the UX and therefore there's no impact to productivity. It's so seamless that your users won't even know it's protecting them.
Central management
Browser isolation solutions may provide a central dashboard for managing web security at the network level. This allows the admin to easily manage groups and accounts and view reports regarding usage.
Reduced need for endpoint protection solutions
Remote Browser Isolation solutions reduce the complexity and costs associated with protecting individual endpoint devices from web-based threats. With Browser Isolation, there is no need for endpoint software installation because it's continuously preventing malware and other threats from ever reaching endpoints.
Safe file downloads
Some Browser Isolation solutions, such as Ericom Shield, include factory-integrated file sanitization using CDR technology. This ensures that any files downloaded from the web are clean and safe to use. This essentially neutralizes one of the worst threats to businesses today, that of phishing campaigns, that try to convince users to open infected attachments.

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Is Browser Isolation the right choice for your organization? If your employees use the internet (which they do, of course) then you need to prevent threats that come through the web. But you also need to ensure seamless web experiences. Ericom Shield Browser Isolation is simple and UX-focused way to keep employees secure and productive.