Powerful and Secure Terminal Emulation for Linux Desktops

PowerTerm InterConnect (Linux Edition), Ericom Software's terminal emulation product for the Linux platform, maximizes the capabilities of legacy systems with a minimal amount of installation time and software space. PowerTerm InterConnect Linux supports a wide range of hosts, such as IBM Mainframe (zSeries), IBM AS/400 (iSeries), OpenVMS, UNIX and others, and a diverse range of emulation types.

PowerTerm InterConnect Linux has a small footprint, and is easily installable on any PC, making it a simple and fast solution for running legacy applications. PowerTerm InterConnect's rich feature set and fast key response has made it the product of choice for thousands of corporations throughout the world.

PowerTerm InterConnect is also available for Windows and Mac OS platforms, allowing organizations to standardize on a single emulation software for all their host access needs.

Setting up PowerTerm Terminal Emulator software for Linux

“PowerTerm InterConnect for Linux is an excellent terminal emulation product. Compared to the others we looked at, PowerTerm was the best in terms of price and functionality. All in all, we're very happy with it”

Kevin Schell, President, Manufacturing Concepts Inc.

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