Remote Browser Isolation: An essential layer of every defense-in-depth strategy

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“On the Radar”
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Today’s Threat Landscape
Requires Proactive Approach
Browsers are the Target:
A Massive Information
Security Challenge
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Increase in ransomware paid 2015-2017
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Of businesses had security breaches in past two years
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Average cybercrime cost per organization

Ericom Shield protects against known and unknown malware – even zero-day threats

browser isolation
Browse with Confidence
  • Empower users to click without fear of data exploits, ransomware, malvertising and other threats
  • Increase productivity by allowing all users to freely access websites they need
  • Download files without concern about malware with factory-integrated file sanitization
  • Reduce IT complexity, costs and management associated with blocking malware at the end-user device
  • Scale up quickly, without endpoint installations or plug-ins
  • Centrally manage solution across all devices and operating systems
operational excellence
Make IT easy
holistic web security
What is browser isolation?
  • Executes 100% of active web content off of endpoint, in a remote disposable container
  • Renders websites as a safe interactive content stream
  • Delivers transparent, natural browsing experience for users

The Ericom Advantage

Ericom Shield handles browsing sessions remotely, blocking web-borne threats from penetrating your enterprise. Isolating users from malicious web content, Ericom Shield eliminates the browsing web threat vector while maintaining user productivity.

Ericom Shield remote browser isolation
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A respected global software house since 1993, with over 30,000 customers in 45 countries.
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With thousands of enterprise-grade solutions deployed in financial institutions, health service providers, and government agencies.
Remote Browsing Industry Leader
Field-proven expertise in secure browsing and virtualization solutions.
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Dynamic and auto-scalable solutions built to handle thousands of virtual browsers
Ericom Shield remote browser isolation diagram

Our Technology

Proven Browsing Technology
Leading Edge Browsing Technology

Proven Ericom HTML5 technology is deployed in tens of thousands of devices worldwide.

Simple Zero Client Installation
Zero Client Installation

Device agnostic solution supports all devices, browsers and OS, with no endpoint software or plug-ins to install.

Built-in File Sanitization
Built-in File Cleaning

Pre-integrated market-leading multi-scan and sanitization technology ensures safe download.

Secure Linux-based Containers
Secure by design

Each browsing session is executed within a unique, remote, isolated Linux container, which is destroyed when session ends.

Flexible Local or Cloud Deployments
Flexible Deployment Model

Can be deployed on-premises, in public or private clouds, or as hybrid, to suit any customer environment.

Additional Layer of Defense
Enhances Defense-in-Depth

Builds on existing countermeasures such as anti-virus and secure web gateways to significantly increase protection.

Ericom Shield stops 100% of malware from the web from ever reaching endpoints

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