Secure Single Sign On; access & monitoring by Ericom: SSL, SSH, Kerberos +..

Secure Application and Data Access

Meeting top concerns of Enterprise Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

The surge in remote connectivity and online business transactions poses new and evolving threats to user privacy and enterprise data security. In response, IT departments are incorporating tighter security policies into their core business processes and logic.

Ericom's remote application access and desktop delivery solutions empower IT to deliver integrated data security that enables safe interactions between end-users and enterprise resources. Ericom's comprehensive security features include real-time intruder monitoring, logging and event recording, Single Sign-On and Kerberos. It also supports integration with RSA® SecurID® and SecurEnvoy® SecureAccess and SecurICE two-factor authentication, as well as leading SSL VPNs.

Beyond protecting organizational networks against external attacks and insider threats, Ericom's Server Based Computing, Desktop Virtualization and Legacy Host access solutions help organizations achieve compliance with a growing body of regulatory mandates, including GLBA,PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX and JSOX.

Ericom's Solutions for Security and Compliance Enable IT Administrators to:

  • Authenticate users transparently via Single Sign On (SSO), increasing security and user productivity
  • Mitigate data security risks when delivering and managing access to Windows desktops that are centralized in the datacenter
  • Centrally configure and lock-down client features
  • Assign users or groups to specific applications, ensuring properly secured access to confidential business resources
  • View all active connections in real time, and selectively terminate connections. In addition, intruder monitoring provides real-time alerts to hacking attempts
  • Easily investigate security breach attempts with Ericom's extensive logging, event recording, and detailed, customizable audit trails
  • Transfer files quickly and securely using SFTP (secure file transfer protocol)
  • Quickly distribute updates and patches; as applications are centrally managed by the IT department, each patch needs to be installed once

Since 1993 Ericom's solutions have been enabling IT teams to cost-effectively provide reliable, secure and centrally managed access to accounting, inventory, management, and other business critical applications. With a comprehensive product line and global customer base in more than 45 countries, Ericom is well-poised to help organizations across all industries bolster the security to their applications and data.

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