New Version of Ericom Connect Enables Simplified Remote Deployment of Secure Work-from-Home Desktop and Application Access Solution

Browser-based, user-friendly remote application and desktop access solution can be remotely installed within hours, with no need to physically access user’s endpoints or office systems

New York, NY (May 19, 2020) – Ericom Software, a leader in secure web and application access solutions, today announced the release of Ericom Connect 9.3, the latest version of its browser-based secure remote application and desktop access solution. With the new release, IT admins can enable enterprise users to securely access corporate resources and in-office desktops, without having to install software directly on either in-office desktops or user’s remote devices.

The ability to implement work-from-home initiatives without IT admins having physical access to endpoints is especially crucial for organizations that, prior to recent pandemic-related closures, only enabled simultaneous remote access for a small percentage of their workforce.

Many enterprises, faced with the sudden need to scale up to 100% remote work, have turned to RDP as the easiest way to quickly ramp up connectivity. Unfortunately, RDP is susceptible to brute-force cyberattacks. As a result, many businesses around the globe have suffered breaches since the start of pandemic-related office closures.

Ericom Connect 9.3 enables enterprise IT departments to quickly provide full, secure access for thousands of remote and work-from-home users. It integrates seamlessly with existing VPNs and supports multifactor authentication. Additional security features include role-based administration, group-level access and policy management, and SSO support. Ericom Connect provides secure network connections, providing full encryption of all traffic from clients to terminal servers, even across public networks. The platform is ultra-scalable to over 100,000 users on a single server, and simple for users.

“While pandemic-related office closures have been challenging for everyone, companies that previously had ‘no laptop/no remote work’ policies for some or all of their workers were particularly hard hit,” said Nick Kael, Chief Technology Officer of Ericom Software. “Many of these companies opted to implement Ericom Connect, based on its strong security features, scalability and clientless endpoint installation. To enable installation by IT admins who were also barred from on-premise work, Ericom’s development team rapidly designed technology for clientlessly enabling Ericom Connect on target in-office desktops. Thanks to Ericom responsiveness and innovation, entire departments and even companies that did not previously allow work-from-home have continued to provide virtually uninterrupted access for their users.”

“The speed with which Ericom responded to organizations’ need to rapidly pivot to fully remote work for thousands of users is a great example of why we value Ericom solutions so highly, and recommend their solutions to our customers. Thanks to the Ericom Connect solution’s innovative, fully clientless install process, IT managers can now quickly and safely establish full remote business connectivity from the safety of their own homes,” said Alessio Aceti, CEO of Sababa Security, which distributes Ericom solutions in Italy. “Our customers confirm that in addition to being easy to administer, their users find the platform very easy to use, since it enables them to work as usual, on their familiar desktops, within any browser tab.”

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About Ericom Software

Ericom Software provides businesses with secure access to the web and corporate applications, in the cloud and on-premises, from any device or location. Leveraging innovative isolation capabilities and multiple secure access technologies, Ericom’s solutions ensure that devices and applications are protected from cybersecurity threats, and users can connect to only the specific resources they are authorized to access.

Ericom’s platform of browser isolation, remote access, secure connectivity, mobility, and virtualization technologies enhances cybersecurity and productivity while reducing cost and complexity for thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. The company has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and a global network of distributors and partners.

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