Forcepoint Delivers Global Enterprises New Remote Browser Isolation Solution Powered by Ericom

Award-winning browser isolation capabilities now available within Forcepoint’s Dynamic Edge Protection cloud-native SASE solution including Cloud Security Gateway and Private Access

Austin, Texas and New York, NY  (August, 19, 2020) – Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint, and Ericom Software, a leader in secure web and application access solutions, today announced a partnership to integrate Ericom’s remote browser isolation capabilities across Forcepoint’s Dynamic Edge Protection cloud-native SASE solution.

With spear phishing attacks up more than 660% this year, ensuring employee productivity and protection from emerging threats in work-from-home environments is critical. Remote browser capabilities help improve security while enabling broad web access for users. Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation powered by Ericom helps make remote work more secure by delivering a zero-trust browsing experience for employees and preventing websites from delivering malware, zero-day exploits, and phishing threats to users’ devices.

“Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation powered by Ericom prevents 100% of web-based malware and phishing attempts, delivering global enterprises the most effective defense against today’s dynamic threats,” said John Peterson, Chief Product Officer at Ericom. “Having the ability to mitigate risky websites and phishing URLs within remote virtual containers thereby isolating devices from threats – ensures a seamless, safe and fully interactive browsing experience.”

The new remote browser isolation solution is available today in Forcepoint Dynamic Edge Protection, the industry’s first data-centric SASE solution, which includes Cloud Security Gateway and Private Access. Dynamic Edge Protection’s extensible, microservices-based cloud architecture enables organizations to access new capabilities as they need them, eliminating the deployment pain of traditional monolithic products. This converged cloud security approach also eliminates security gaps and point product redundancies while streamlining the ability to demonstrate compliance and deliver greater productivity at nearly 30% less TCO versus competitor offerings.

“We worked with Forcepoint and Ericom to implement a web security solution that provides the highest level of protection against web-based cyberthreats,” said Paul E. Rousseau, SVP IT Architecture and Engineering Director at Enterprise Bank. “This gives our employees the broad secure web access they need to remain productive while ensuring our organization remains secure.”

In addition to rendering risky websites and phishing URLs in remote virtual containers, Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation powered by Ericom also ensures URLs from emails can be rendered in read-only mode to prevent credential phishing, and attachments and web files can be sanitized before being downloaded. The solution also helps to prevent data loss by keeping sensitive web application data out of browser caches on unmanaged endpoints while limiting user data sharing activities on websites. As a result, the solution provides the best of both worlds: zero-day threat protection with the ability to maintain high productivity in today’s competitive business environment.

“For the first time in modern business, CISOs aren’t operating within the tight constraints of their security program. While the cloud and digital transformation created cracks in the foundation, COVID-19 completely dismantled it by introducing the security risks of the difficult-to-manage work-at-home environment,” said Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer at Forcepoint.

Popp continued, “New cloud-native approaches, such as SASE, free enterprises to finally move away from unnecessarily complex and costly traditional cybersecurity models and get ahead of today’s threat environment. We are pleased to partner with Ericom to deliver remote browser isolation within Forcepoint’s SASE platform, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-native cybersecurity solution that addresses enterprises’ most critical work-from-home security challenges across network security, threat protection, secure access and data protection.”

To learn more about Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) powered by Ericom, please visit the webpage.

About Forcepoint

Forcepoint is the global human-centric cybersecurity company transforming the digital enterprise by continuously adapting security response to the dynamic risk posed by individual users and machines. The Forcepoint Human Point system delivers Risk-Adaptive Protection to continuously ensure trusted use of data and systems. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint protects the human point for thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries.

About Ericom Software

Ericom Software provides businesses with secure access to the web and corporate applications, in the cloud and on-premises, from any device or location. Leveraging innovative isolation capabilities and multiple secure access technologies, Ericom’s solutions ensure that devices and applications are protected from cybersecurity threats, and users can connect to only the specific resources they are authorized to access.

Ericom’s platform of browser isolation, remote access, secure connectivity, mobility, and virtualization technologies enhances cybersecurity and productivity while reducing cost and complexity for thousands of businesses and millions of end-users worldwide. The company has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and a global network of distributors and partners.

Media Contacts

Forcepoint Media Contact:
Rachael Lyon
(512) 664-1724

Ericom Software Media Contact:
Michael Benedetto
Springboard PR
(908) 616-8355

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