Prevent Data Loss and Malware Exposure When Using Generative AI Websites

Ericom Generative AI Isolation secures use of productivity-enhancing Gen AI websites with cloud-based data-sharing controls and Zero Trust protection from malware and data loss.

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Your Challenge:

Weighing the risks of Generative AI websites

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Data Exposure

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Weaponized Responses

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Legal/Compliance Risk

Generative AI websites offer enterprise users high value, time-saving functionality at the click of a button. But they also present significant risks. Any data your users enter on a website – including proprietary information and PII – is added to the pool of model-building inputs and may be exposed in a future response.

Large Language Models (LLMs) are trained on internet data and therefore likely to integrate the worst of the web as well as vast valuable information. Answers your users receive may be false or misleading or contain Zero-Day exploits, weaponized content, or copyrighted material. Without careful vetting, GenAI responses can expose your organization to legal, compliance, or cyber risk.

Our Solution:

Safely enable use of Gen AI websites while protecting against exfiltration of sensitive data

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Protect Data

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Set Access Policies

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Secure Downloads

Ericom Generative AI Isolation empowers your organization to leverage the productivity and efficiency benefits of generative AI websites while protecting sensitive data from being exposed. Instead of blocking these valuable sites at significant opportunity cost, Ericom Generative AI Isolation allows authorized users to reap the benefits of generative AI while ensuring a robust security posture.

Guided by easy-to-set policies, this clientless solution executes interactions of authorized users with generative AI sites like ChatGPT in a virtual browser that is isolated from your environment in the Ericom Cloud. From the user perspective, they enter content in a completely standard way. But behind the scenes, data loss protection, data sharing, and access policy controls are applied in the cloud to block confidential data, PII or other sensitive information from being submitted to the Generative AI site and potentially exposed.

Other Web Tools are Sharing Your Data with AI

“Free services” are rarely, if ever free: We’ve grown accustomed to “paying” by wading through ads. But now, services like Google Translate and online grammar checkers are exacting a new kind of fee for their free online tools, in the form of content for AI model training.

For casual use, this might be a fair deal. But if employees of your organizations are entering confidential or proprietary content in Google Translate or grammar checkers, your sensitive data could be exposed in GenAI responses in ways that you cannot predict and which may put your business at legal or compliance risk.

With the playing field change, it’s time to implement policy-based controls when users access web-based services like Google Translate, applying Data Loss Prevention and other safeguards to ensure that sensitive data is not revealed.

Isolate Generative AI Tools with Ericom

Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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