Experience New Gen Browsing that Keeps 100% of Ransomware Off Endpoints

Web browsers are the most widely used – and among the most easily exploited – apps on the planet. They’re a huge security concern, allowing cyber criminals to reach users directly with malicious links, credential-theft pages, and other cyberattack triggers.

Zero Trust Web Browsing frees your users to visit and use the websites they need, without concern about browser-based exploits setting off cyberattacks.

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  1. Why the browser is a key link in almost all cyberattack chains


  1. What secure web gateways can protect you from – and what they cannot


  1. Why your cyber defense process shouldn’t rely on users to avoid suspicious emails, attachments and links


  1. How cloud-based Zero Trust browsing architecture protects your endpoints and networks from cyberattacks

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Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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