Secure Your Business from Malware Hidden in IM Web Clients like WhatsApp Web

RBI Protects Organizations While Empowering Users

Instant Messenger (IM) web clients, including the wildly popular WhatsApp Web, are a great productivity tool for users – which is why they love them. But their end-to-end encryption approach creates a huge blind spot for most security stacks. Ericom Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solves this productivity-versus-security dilemma for organizations, protecting endpoints and networks from malware, ransomware, and other exploits that can be hidden within open chats on IM web clients.

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Ericom Zero Trust Web Isolation

Ericom Zero Trust Web Isolation uses RBI to render website content in virtual browsers located in cloud-based containers.

Only safe rendering information is sent to users’ regular web browsers, provides a natural, fully interactive user experience, while safeguarding devices and networks from malware hidden on websites – even advanced zero-day ransomware.

  • Block weaponized downloads/attachments with Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) capabilities that remove malware from web downloads and email attachments
  • Prevent malware, ransomware, and zero-day web threats from infecting user devices and networks
  • Isolate suspected phishing sites and render them as read-only to prevent credential theft with next-gen email security
  • Stop sensitive data from being stored in browser caches and limit data sharing on websites and cloud apps


Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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