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PowerTerm® WebConnect DeskView

Leverage Ericom's Desktop Virtualization solution to:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of virtual desktop deployment and maintenance
  • Increase data security and privacy of information
  • Improve application performance
  • Enhance desktop personalization and the user experience
  • Deliver a superior remote computing experience on lower bandwidth / high latency WAN networks and congested LAN
  • Provide the benefits of virtualization throughout the entire organization
  • Reduce power consumption and space requirements

As an enhanced connection broker, PowerTerm WebConnect DeskView enables organizations to deploy and centrally manage Windows virtual desktops hosted on the latest virtualization platforms, including hypervisors from VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, Xen, etc., as well as on PCoIP Blade PCs and PCoIP Workstations.

PowerTerm WebConnect DeskView's management environment allows organizations of all sizes to streamline virtual desktop deployments, get more out of existing IT assets, reduce operating costs, and increase data security - all while delivering a superior, customizable desktop experience.

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Streamlined management & resource optimization

  • Centrally manage and control large groups of servers and Windows desktops, from PCs or thin clients, including locked down PCs
  • Use desktop image templates to create new desktops quickly and easily; Dynamically create additional VMs on the fly with Dynamic VM Cloning
  • Reduce server load and network overhead with Ericom's Reverse Seamless Windows feature
  • Reduce virtual desktop storage requirements
  • Automate virtual desktop creation & deletion - Ensure an optimal amount of virtual desktops are running and make better use of server resources
  • Centrally manage thin clients via the PowerTerm WebConnect Admin Tool (including CE and XPe)
  • Streamline via group desktop pooling, managed user access and multi-desktop OS support
  • With extensive LDAP support, reduce user management overhead and setup time. PowerTerm WebConnect DeskView seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and most LDAP compatible directory servers,
  • Load balance sessions when using VMware vCenter or Microsoft SCVMM with shared data stores
  • Mix several operating systems types in the same environment
  • Auto-size VM pools that automatically grow and shrink based on real usage
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Enhanced security

  • Provides secure, encrypted connections for internal / external access
  • Isolate sessions for better performance and session security
  • Support regulatory compliance through customizable logging and auditing capabilities
  • Integrate with leading SSL VPN providers or support RADIUS and RSA SecurID two-factor authentication support within PowerTerm WebConnect's Windows native client, for secure end-to-end enterprise application access
  • Specify virtual machine assignment policies: Static/Dynamic and Persist/Non-persistent
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Increased productivity and great user experiences

  • Take advantage of Ericom's unified desktop feature to merge local and remote desktops into a single, seamless entity, enabling users to access both local & remote apps and documents from multiple, on-screen Start Menus and taskbars
  • Intuitive user interface including personalized desktop configuration and a web interface
  • Provide access to applications that cannot reside together on the same desktop
  • Virtual desktop reconnect, maintaining optimal uptime
  • Virtual desktop "Reconnect" helps maintain optimal uptime, reducing employee "downtime"
  • Intuitive Web interface and application launcher
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Ericom Connect

As a cloud-ready, access management platform, Connect combines the benefits of advanced Grid technology and robust connection brokering. It offers high availability, great performance, powerful reporting & analytics, and more - all the while enabling you to manage and monitor user sessions from a single, easy-to-use Web-based interface.

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Virtualization Platforms

  • VMware vCenter; VMware ESX / ESXi ; VMware Server
  • Microsoft SCVMM R2; Microsoft Hyper-V R2
  • Parallels Virtuozzo
  • Oracle VM
  • Enomaly ECP