Version History — Ericom Connect®

Release Notes for Version 9.5 Hot Fix June 2021

  • SAML SSO enhancement: support for RelayState in the header
  • Ability to specify Domain Controller name
  • EricomRDP client support for QR scanner
  • “Welcome” page downloads links point to Downloads folder of the current installation

Release notes for Version 9.5 February 2021

  • FIPS compliance
  • Block Screenshots for EricomRDP

Release notes for Version 9.4 October 2020

  • Clipboard one-way control
  • Onscreen watermark overlay for security
  • Fixes for Japanese typing in AccessNow
  • Security enhancement in Access Server: white list of RDP hosts and clients implementation
  • Fixes in printing (Blaze and AccessNow)

Release notes for Version 9.3 May 2020

  • Launch of EricomRDP client from AccessPortal and AccessNowSSO
  • Support for Webcams
  • Session search by user, host and session status
  • Restrict a session to a specific host
  • Support for ‘clientless’ deployment
  • Support for radius ‘push’

Release notes for Version 9.1.1 April 2019

  • Compatibility: Windows 10 IoT supported (from v9.0)
  • Security: Added HSTS (Strict-Transport-Security HTML header) support to End-user and Admin web service
  • Admin Console: RADIUS setting: Send Server IP Value Override
  • Admin Console: Advanced | Connection property: Client Name Mode (AccessNow/Blaze mode only)
  • Admin Console: Setting to configure SSL encryption for ESG Admin Console: Notify when TLS 1.0 is required on older operating systems
  • SSO: Supports passing application/group information via the URL
  • SSO: Supports hostRestriction setting to connect to a specific eligible host
  • Reports: Rejected RADIUS authentication now logged as ‘failed logins’
  • PowerShell: placed all samples in folder “Ericom Connect Configuration Tool\PowerShell”
  • ConnectCLI: able to use credentials saved in Windows Credentials Manager
  • ConnectCLI: fixed RemoteHostGroupMembers to handle multiple registrations of the same host
  • ConnectCLI: Add ‘ConnectCli adminUsersRecovery list’ and merged ‘addAdminRecovery’ into it. Removed ‘addAdminRecovery’
  • ConnectCLI: enhancements for multi-tenant configurations
  • ConnectCLI: removed ConnectCli ActiveDirectoryOfflineTest, use ‘ActiveDirectoriesRecovery test’
  • Optimization: Improved system start performance
  • Optimization: Prevent event log flooding in the database
  • Doc: clarified RADIUS-based Duo configuration
  • Doc: added “Encrypted SAML Assertions: Okta” section
  • Doc: To upgrade RemoteAgent 9.1 to 9.1.1, reinstall the application

Release notes for Version 9.1 January 2019

  • Fixed “Concurrent license usage per month report” (28981/26327)
  • Pending session reservation configuration to avoid host overcapacity
  • Admin Console: new “Pending Session Reservation” setting
  • Admin Console: new “Pending Session Reservation Timeout (Sec)” setting
  • Admin Console: new “Pending Session Count Timeout (Sec)” setting
  • Admin Console: new field in RAWS configuration “Custom Address”.
  • ConnectCLI: added “systems permanentlyDelete”
  • ConnectCLI: added “services permanentlyDelete [/type serviceType]”
  • ConnectCLI: improved search/filter for “ConnectCli systems list” and “ConnectCli services list”
  • ConnectCLI: added parameter ‘/RetainDays’ to ‘ConnectCli deleteOldLogMessagesDb’ and ‘DeleteOldLogMessages’ (28304)
  • Improved Farms support
  • Improved WMI internal communication (28560)
  • SSO configuration now handles special characters in the secret value
  • SSO verification tool – provided upon request for oAuth/SAML issues
  • Access Server Log now uses OS version name in the system’s Registry
  • Access Server minor adjustments (28820, 27271)

Release notes for Version 9.0 November 2018

  • Wake On LAN
  • oAuth SSO support
  • SAML SSO support
  • Updated SSO reference pages
  • Windows 2019 support
  • Windows 10 SAC 1809 support
  • Upgraded Ericom grid for improved performance.
  • Add “Username” as a RADIUS use condition value
  • Active Directory searches no longer includes Distribution Groups
  • Remote Agent Type 2 for Windows 2008 (.Net 3.5)
  • Reports: Added “Named Users Current/Previous month”
  • ConnectCLI: added ConnectCli activeDirectoriesRecovery
  • ConnectCLI: enhanced ConnectCli setDatabaseConnectionRecovery
  • PS: added to the Configuration directory: EricomConnect.ps1
  • PS: added to the Configuration directory: host-info.ps1
  • PS: added to the Configuration directory: LaunchApp.ps1
  • ESG: TLS 1.0 is disabled by default
  • Modified resource binding: EricomRDP connections skip AccessServer check
  • Deprecated: IIS based Kerberos authentication
  • Enhanced ability to connect to RDS hosts in an existing farm
  • Clarification: Azure Application Gateway support is only available for AccessPortal/AccessNow (web-based) interface.
  • AccessPad/Blaze (Windows) client remembers last known window position

Release notes for Version 8.5 September 2018

  • Wake On LAN
  • Ability to deny the use of saved passwords in AccessPad
  • Ability to license/limit based on number of sessions per Publish/Resource Group
  • Advanced RADIUS Use Conditions
  • All component services are compatible with Windows Server Semi-annual channel (SAC) version 1709 and 1803
  • RemoteAgent Type 2 is fully supported for servers (recommended)
  • RemoteAgent Type 2 publish by path using ‘+’
  • Linux RemoteAgent supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ericom RDX (RDP on Linux) supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Linux components supports readmd and SSSD for AD authentication
  • RemoteAgent Type 1 32-bit discontinued
  • Kerberos SSO performance enhancement (requires AccessPad 8.5 or higher)
  • Admin Tool: Added “Always enabled” mode to EricomRDP setting
  • Admin Tool: Added “Allow AccessPad to Save Passwords”
  • Admin Tool: Added Systems | Hosts | Settings | Mark as Permanently Disconnected”
  • Admin Tool: Added Systems | Hosts | Settings | Mark as Temporarily Disconnected”
  • Admin Tool: The “Host Not Running Action” has been added to non-VDI host groups.
  • Configuration Tool: New “Manage Global Services” selection
  • Configuration Tool: What’s New message
  • ConnectCLI: ResourceGroups add < groupname > to create resource group (27692)
  • ConnectCLI: (added in 8.4) ConnectCli systemHealth (CA0000045163)
  • ConnectCLI: ResourceGroups groupName addResources adds resources to resource groups
  • Two new formula variables: ClientIP and XForwardedFor
  • Disallow use of spaces in the username (CA0000052914)
  • Add RunStartup VBS functionality for Microsoft Seamless mode (CA0000048964)
  • VBS scripting feature verified for use with Microsoft Seamless
  • jQuery components in AccessPortal updated to latest version
  • ESG setting of AccessControlAllowOrigin will be blank – will inherit EUWS
  • Performance improvements when there are lots of resource objects
  • When screen mode is ‘Normal’ and set to a’0’ an error will be displayed.
  • Doc: Clarified publishing from workstation OS requires Microsoft Seamless
  • Doc: Clarified User vs Remote Sessions in End-user guide


  • Fixed ANFileTransfer.exe UploadHandler so that it does not require UAC elevation when launching the configured application (CA0000049923)
  • Improvements to touch detection


  • AccessPad for Linux 8.5 supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS

Release notes for Version 8.4 March 2018

  • Native SSO with AccessPortal – using Kerberos (26263)
  • Native SSO with AccessPad – using Kerberos (26263)
  • Added AccessNow Multi-touch Gesture Redirection functionality
  • Added Session Following/stealing of active sessions (26371)
  • Added ability to share sessions in AccessPortal (26371)
  • Added ability to publish applications using the canonical path
  • All component services are compatible with Windows Server Semi-annual channel
  • Ericom Connect and RemoteAgent installers require .net 4.6.2 or higher
  • Ericom RemoteAgent Type 2 (T2) is now available as an EXE installer – this is now the recommended RemoteAgent for all deployments (25465)
  • Ericom RemoteAgent Type 2 (T2) has two types of keep alive settings (26223)
  • AccessPortal: added support for session sharing (via PreferHostWithExistingSession)
  • AccessPortal/AccessPad/AccessToGo Portal Client timeout setting added (26126)
  • Improve detection of active application during reconnect (26373)
  • New log entry when trying to an invalid tenant name – search in “All log messages” for “Message Type” RemoteHostNoMatchingTenant (26387)
  • x-forwarded-for value now listed in a dedicated column in all logs
  • Admin Tool: added Active Directory Recovery Verification Interval (24697)
  • Admin Tool: added Active Directory Cache Update Interval (24697)
  • ConnectCLI: Can use ‘^’ as a line continuation character – if the last character on the line is ‘^’, the following line is concatenated.
  • ConnectCLI: added command ‘windowsServices’
  • ConnectCLI: added command ‘resourceGroups’
  • ConnectCLI: added command ‘resourcedefinitions’
  • ConnectCLI: added command ‘ValidateAllObjects’ (22438)
  • ConnectCLI: added three options to ‘AddAdminRecovery’ and set it to use the DNS name instead of Netbios (26419)
  • ConnectCLI: ‘systems list’ now shows the RemoteAgent type
  • ConnectCLI: ‘userActiveDirectoryInfo’ added /terse to suppress the output of the user’s group memberships and attributes.
  • ConnectCLI: ‘remotehostconfig’ added parameter ‘tenant’ to set at the tenant level
  • ConnectCLI: ‘resourceGroups’ added parameter ‘tenant’ to set at the tenant level
  • ConnectCLI: ‘resourceDefinition’ added parameter ‘tenant’ to set at the tenant level
  • ConnectCLI: ‘RemoteHostSetState‘added two new parameters
  • ConnectCLI: Command-line (ConnectCLI>) 256-character limit is removed.
  • Ericom Connect Services start type set to “Automatic Start Delayed” (25591)
  • Ericom logo splash screen added to EricomRDP, Configuration Tool, Team Client, Configuration Analyzer (25303)
  • Compatible with Black Ice Print2RDP 6.4
  • Moved the ProgramData ‘deploy’ subfolder to %temp% folder (25577)
  • Improved stability when failing over during database outage (20613/CA33717)
  • Improved AccessServer memory management for better stability (23810)
  • Fixed bug: wrong error logged when entering incorrect password via SSO pages (25485/CA0000041235)
  • Fixed bug where the database name could not accept a period ‘.’ (25576)
  • Resolved various CA issues


  • Updated JQuery to v3.x
  • Support for URL redirection by non-administrator users on Windows 2016 server
  • Universal printer – initial print job as fast as subsequent print jobs (25078)
  • On Windows 10 and 2016 systems, the log now shows the correct OS version (25128)


  • EricomRDP: compatible on Windows 7 connecting through the ESG
  • EricomRDP: added folders redirection support
  • EricomRDP: improved drives redirection (to specify specific drive)
  • AccessPad: Added DELETE_SETTINGS parameter to flush prior configuration during uninstall (25856)
  • All: Compatible with Windows semi-annual channel versions
  • AccessPad/Blaze: Fixed a stabilization bug in the 32-bit version

Release notes for Version 8.2 HF January 2018

  • Ericom Secure Gateway: compatible with Azure Application Gateway
  • Reports: Added x-forwarded-for data to ‘Users’ |”End user sessions”
  • Reports: Added x-forwarded-for data to “System Health” | “Failed Logins”
  • Compatible with Lexmark universal print driver for faster printing
  • ConnectCLI: added parameters ‘EsgAddress’ and ‘EsgId’ to ‘SetConnectionRule’
  • ConnectCLI: added parameter ‘batchSize’ to ‘ConnectCli deleteOldLogMessagesDb’ and ‘DeleteOldLogMessages’ (CA0000039460)
  • Team Client: Added a CTRL+ALT+DEL button to the user interface
  • Resolved issue where RemoteAgent did not reconnect to the grid after a restart (CA0000040609)
  • AccessPad/EricomRDP: fixes for applications with Japanese names and users having Japanese names

Release notes for Version 8.2 October 2017

  • AccessPad web proxy support
  • AccessPad EricomRDP is now the default protocol for all connections
  • AccessPad EricomRDP adds application session sharing and plug-in support
  • Enhanced usage reporting – Concurrent License Usage by Month and Named User License Usage by Month
  • Support for fine-grained active password policies
  • VDI with SCVMM is now released
  • AccessNow is compatible with Samsung universal printer driver for faster printing
  • ConnectCLI: added “systems setCurrentAddress” (24694) and radiusConfig
  • Configuration Tool: New setting to enable Simple Bind for Active Directory
  • RADIUS shared secret encrypted in the database and hidden in admin console
  • Session Tracking API used to detect the process has been updated (CA0000034870)
  • Improve performance for processing Binding groups (CA0000035495)
  • Resolves bug where admin could not add/remove hosts in System group (CA0000040569)
  • Fixed various minor bugs for improved stability and usage

Release notes for Version 8.1 July 2017

[Ericom Connect Changes]

  • Ericom Team Client – File collaboration feature (Enterprise Only)
  • Support for Active Directory on Windows 2016
  • EricomRDP mode is compatible with Windows 2008R2 hosts
  • EricomRDP full screen pin icon will toggle on change (20822)
  • Windows Integrated Authentication support by AccessPortal
  • Admin Tool: Configure client keep-alive heartbeat settings
  • Admin Tool: Configure AccessNow HTTPS fallback in ESG settings
  • Admin Tool: EricomRDP application mode no longer experimental
  • Add “desktop application” feature to AccessNow and Blaze (20827)
  • ConnectCli getMessageLogRecovery adds date range (From/To) options
  • AccessNow HTTPS fallback is disabled by default (starting in 8.0)
  • All self-signed certificates use 2048-bit length for the public key
  • Windows application parameter length can exceed 256 characters (22112)
  • Fixed EricomRDP crash bug (22626)
  • Resolves support issues: CA0000036859, CA0000035495, CA0000034870, CA0000033717, CA0000035123


  • New client keep-alive heartbeat
  • AccessPad Login dialog fixed on high resolution displays (22636)
  • AccessPad EricomRDP Full Screen bar pin toggles on state change
  • Fixed AccessPad EricomRDP crash bug (22626)
  • AccessServer includes stabilization fixes (CA0000034750)
  • Resolves AccessPad-specific support issues: CA0000035663, CA0000035583


  • New client keep-alive heartbeat
  • AccessServer includes stabilization fixes (CA0000034750)

Release notes for Version 8.0 April 2017

[Ericom Connect Changes]

  • VDI functionality – Technical Preview
  • RemoteAgent can configure a default Systems group
  • User Affinity assignment: Static Persistent and Dynamic Persistent
  • Native client bi-directional audio (EricomRDP)
  • Native client device redirection (EricomRDP)
  • Native client Microsoft Easy Print (EricomRDP)
  • Native client RemoteFX (EricomRDP)
  • Native client file based copy paste (EricomRDP)
  • Admin Tool: Dashboard indicator for LUS configuration consistency
  • Admin Tool: Configure “Smart Sizing” in Connection Properties
  • Admin Tool: Ability to manually add accounts to ‘Users’ list
  • Admin Tool: Improve performance by caching metadata
  • Support multiple Active Directories with the same UPN suffix
  • Ericom Connect and RemoteAgent installers require .net 4.5.2 or higher
  • Option to configure security headers in ESG, EUWS, and AWS
  • ConnectCLI can be run as a command shell
  • Systems can be automatically marked Permanently Disconnected
  • Systems can be automatically removed from a group on Permanent Disconnect state
  • Config Analyzer is launched with the New Grid operation
  • Minor internal bug fixes in AccessPad for Windows
  • Smashed the token bug (Resolved CA0000032885, CA0000033208, CA0000032872)
  • Resolved CA issues: CA0000031689

Release notes for Version 7.6.1 February 2017

[Ericom Connect Changes]

  • URL Redirection on Linux
  • Application publishing on Linux
  • Session sharing with Linux sessions
  • AccessPortal Keyboard locale will be saved locally on the device
  • Publish paths and parameters in non-English characters.
  • Auto-detect and switch keyboard language in user sessions
  • Admin Tool: new configuration for the F11 execution scope
  • Admin Tool: new configuration for Keyboard Detect Languages
  • Admin Tool: new Blaze setting and options for “True Lossless” mode
  • CLI (EndUserSessions) command lists portal and sessions for a user
  • Program field length set to 256 characters due to RDP (19702)
  • Unused RemoteAgent services (LB/RB) disabled by default (19995)
  • Smashed the RADIUS “Connection Lost” bug (resolved: CA0000030979, CA0000031435)
  • Resolved CA issues: CA0000029922, CA0000031271, CA0000032348
  • Resolved AccessPortal CA issues: CA0000021667, CA0000031612


  • Auto-detect and switch keyboard language in AccessNow sessions (resolved: CA0000027367)
  • Updated AccessNow printing engine (resolved: CA0000027126)
  • Smashed a bug related to service crash: (resolved: CA0000031844, CA0000032064)
  • Resolved CA issues: CA0000030558, CA0000027262, CA0000031844, CA0000032645


  • New Linux x64 version for Ubuntu 14.04
  • Add capability for “True Lossless” mode
  • The full screen connection bar height has been extended by three pixels
  • Resolved CA issues: CA0000010088, CA0000001106, CA0000029266, CA0000029267, CA0000027817


  • New default: multi-touch mode enabled
  • New default: full screen resize on reorientation enabled
  • Resolved extra space when keyboard hides (CA0000022001)
  • Resolved CA issues: CA0000027842, CA0000029228, CA0000008976, CA0000031158, CA0000032211

Release notes for Version February 2017

[Ericom Connect Fixes]

  • Fix AccessPortal in HTTP mode to work with Chrome 56

Release notes for Version November 2016

[Ericom Connect Features]

  • New AccessPortal user experience
  • New Admin console user experience
  • Windows 2016 Remote Session Host (RDSH) compatible
  • Windows 2016 SQL Server compatible
  • Session Shadowing (Control and View only)
  • Session Log off, Disconnect, and Reset
  • Support use of pre-created blank SQL database
  • RADIUS – add Send Client IP using an attribute
  • RADIUS – changed Default Domain to accept ‘ \” or ‘@ \
  • Linux sessions adds support for printing and audio
  • New Dashboard element: Database Usage, RemoteAgent Status (Windows, Linux)
  • AccessPortal can save items as Favorites
  • CLI to flush database date prior to a specified date
  • CLI (SetConnectionRule) to configure Publish groups based on client type (AccessPad, AccessPortal, AccessToGo)
  • CLI to edit a desktop session title label
  • CLI to display dbgmon details for support purposes
  • Publish .BAT files
  • Admin setting to block CTRL+P in AccessNow sessions
  • User’s Remote Sessions Report now displays all running applications in the session
  • Session Log off, Disconnect, Reset and Send Message
  • Smashed various bugs

[AccessToGo Features]

  • Android 6.0 and 7.0 compatible
  • Multi-touch mode is enabled by default now


  • Copy Paste in-session only will not lose text formatting (16584)

Release notes for Version 7.5.2 September 2016

[AccessPad Bug Fixes]

  • Redirect Default Printer Name with Multi-byte character Issue
  • Copy/Paste Issue when accessing Network Mapped Drive

Release notes for Version 7.5.2 May 2016

[Ericom Connect Features]

  • Publish applications and groups now have Unique ID’s
  • New security options to launch apps requiring encoded ID’s and names
  • Launch Analysis is now also available in Professional edition
  • Preserve ClientName method added, “CC#”” method optional
  • Added ConnectCli resourceDefinitions
  • Smashed AccessPortal bug – allow special characters in passwords

[AccessPad Features]

  • Windows AccessPad Launch using URI Feature
  • Windows AccessPad pre-configurable shortcuts
  • Installer adds option to register the estp URI

Release notes for Version 7.5.1 March 2016

[Ericom Connect Features]

  • Ericom Connect Linux Session support
  • AccessServer for Linux (Managed mode only)
  • RemoteAgent for Linux (Type 2)
  • New RemoteAgent Web Service for Type 2 RemoteAgents
  • Ericom Analytics for data visualization and business intelligence (Enterprise)
  • CLI commands to backup/restore the database
  • CLI command to reset all component certificates to the default
  • Publish folder contents can appear on top level of application list (AccessPortal, AccessPad, and AccessToGo)
  • Reordered the contents of the Navigation panel for improved ergonomics
  • New default grid parameters: 1, 0, and 2 (previously 2 1 5)
  • Three new “Login Name Formats”: Omit Credentials (AccessPad requires 7.5 or higher), Omit Domain, and Custom.
  • Additional SSO page that accepts pre-configured parameters: application name, folder name, and full screen mode
  • Default number of tenants allowed with an Enterprise license has been increased from 10 to 1,000
  • New parameters added to EndUserSessionReportingView
  • Added function to specify a custom address and port for a registered system
  • Fixed timezone handling (11740)
  • ALT+Tab button in AccessNow Toolbar
  • Application “Scale to Fit” for applications requiring a fixed resolution
  • Chrome Direct Copy/Paste to/from local device (Windows)
  • The default minimum resolution is now 768 x 600

[AccessPad Features]

  • AccessPad Start Menu shortcut icon
  • AccessPad Signed Configuration File support

Release notes for Version 7.3 November 2015

[Administrative Features]

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Delegated administration with customizable roles
  • New configuration options for Ericom Secure Gateway connections
  • New option to enable RADIUS for ESG connections only
  • Configuration Analyzer utility available as individual download
  • Added new Report options (e.g. “Failed Logins”)
  • Added new Client “Access” page
  • Support for Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Smashed bugs

[AccessNow Features]

  • TouchPad Mouse
  • Chrome Direct Copy to local

[AccessPad Features]

  • AccessPad Windows supports Desktop Shortcut icon
  • AccessPad Windows supports SSO from local Windows OS
  • AccessPad Windows x64 now available
  • Release notes for Version Version 7.2 August 2015

[Administrative Features]

  • Windows AccessPad is Windows 10 compatible
  • Windows AccessPad can be pre-configured with server address
  • Windows AccessPad UniPrint bundled MSI
  • AccessNow HTML5 is Microsoft Edge compatible
  • Support for Amazon AWS SQL Database
  • Smashed bugs

Release notes for Version Version 7.1 June 2015

[Administrative Features]

  • Multi-language support for Connect Admin console – eight new languages!
  • Cool new AccessPortal with interactive menu bar
  • New ConnectCLI command to change published icons
  • Handy built-in Configuration Analyzer
  • New Upgrade/Redeploy feature
  • Option to use an encrypted password with SSO
  • AccessPortal HTTP interface for testing
  • Smashed some bugs

Release notes for Version 7.0.1 March 2015

[Administrative Features]

  • Added RADIUS to Administration Console
  • Added System Level Settings to Administration Console Configuration
  • New filtering feature for Users list, Registered Systems, and Connect Services
  • Enhanced some Tooltip texts
  • Standalone RemoteAgent supports LUS
  • Smashed a few bugs
  • Added new feature content to Documentation

[Security Features]

  • Enhanced XTEA encryption

Release notes for Version 7.0.0 March 2015

[Administrative Features]

  • Web-based Administration Console
  • Health Status Widgets
  • Resource Launch Analysis
  • Comprehensive Reporting Function
  • ConnectCLI command line interface

[End-User Features]

  • AccessNow v7.0 HTML5 interface
  • AccessToGo v7.0 mobile client
  • AccessToGo Connect v7.0 mobile client
  • AccessToGo Sector v7.0 mobile client
  • AccessPad Windows v7.0, AccessPad Mac 3.1 native client
  • Direct Single Sign-On interface
  • AccessPortal Login Portal

[Security Features]

  • HTTPS Compatible
  • Includes Ericom Secure Gateway for remote access
  • Supports RADIUS two-factor authentication method
  • Supports third-party trusted certificates

[Infrastructure Features]

  • PoC and Production installer options
  • Built-in Ericom grid for high availability


  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft SQL or SQL Express 2012
  • Microsoft IIS 8 or higher
  • Windows 2012R2 for Ericom Connect Grid components
  • Windows 2008 or higher recommended for Terminal Servers and Remote Desktop Servers
  • Windows 7 or higher recommended for workstation access (physical and virtual desktops)

[Connect Server Minimum Requirements]

  • RAM: 7 GB
  • Cores: 4
  • Storage: 1GB