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Ericom Software’s ZTEdge Web Isolation cloud service provides Zero Trust protection from web-based malware, phishing, credential theft and data exposure, while enabling natural, seamless internet use.
Neutralize Web-based Threats
Keep ransomware and zero-day malware from reaching your endpoints
Block Phishing Attacks
Make credential theft and phishing compromises a thing of the past
Protect Against Weaponized Files
Eliminate malware that’s hidden in email or website attachments
Product Information

✔ Available via the Ericom global Cloud, a multi-tenant elastic cloud service

✔ Granular, policy-based control of website access, data sharing, and browser functions

✔ Protects against malware in encrypted sites, instant messengers, and virtual meeting websites and chats

✔ Comprehensive activity reporting and logging

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Air-Gap Enterprise Endpoints from 100% of Web-Based Malware
Remote Browser Isolation, Explained
Stop Data Loss via Over-Sharing on Social Media and Copying from Browsers
Considering adopting a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform?
Ericom Software’s ZTEdge optimizes defenses and simplifies secure access with capabilities including RBI-powered secure web gateway, Zero Trust Network Access, microsegmentation, and ML-enabled identity and access management (IAM), and is designed specifically for mid-size enterprises.
Success stories

"I can rely on Ericom RBI to keep the credit union secure and still allow people the flexibility to get their jobs done."

Cole Clarke, CISSP, Eastern Utah Community Credit Union
As a critical care hospital for children, Alyn Hospital needed to provide staff with 100% secure, hassle-free access to the websites and apps they need. Read more
Leading investment house Meitav Dash needed a way to protect its hundreds of thousands of private and business account holders from web-borne threats. Read more
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I was delighted to experience the depth of Ericom’s expertise in browser isolation, and to benefit from their impressive commitment to customer service and to quickly identify solutions to meet our needs.
Edi Koifman
Director of IT Infrastructure
Meitav Dash
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