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The Ericom team and guest bloggers share their latest thinking on Zero Trust, SASE and the key cyber issues of the day.

Signed Proxy App Slips Malware Past Virus Detection

Malware samples embedded in pirated software and games silently installed proxies on millions of devices to create a malicious botnet, without users approving or even knowing that they were installed.

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Zero-Days are the Delivery Vector of Choice for Today’s Ransomware Groups

Ransomware actors have shifted to using zero-day vulnerabilities and one-day flaws to execute attacks, resulting in a huge increase in ransomware victims.

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Is Disabling Internet Access a Reasonable Cybersecurity Solution?

In an ironic case of “Do as I say, not as I do,” Google is cutting off some employees’ web access to reduce the threat of cyberattacks – while touting its security features to users like us.

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Generative AI Could Improve Productivity - or Endanger Your Company

It’s never wise to enter sensitive or proprietary data into a public web app. But now, in the Generative AI era, the risks, including data exposure and legal and regulatory liability, are greater than ever before.

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Stop Phishing to Prevent Up to 90% of Security Breaches

Given the enormous sums being spent on phishing training, there are many studies that attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Many have found that it can't transform users into a reliable phishing defense force.

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Despite Best Intentions, Humans Remain the Weak Link

When it comes to cybersecurity, the fatal flaw in the best practices to-do list is that every element requires every single IT manager and user to be completely on board, 100% of the time.

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Couldn’t Get to Infosec Europe? Catch High Points Here.

The true magic, beyond the magicians on hand at our recent events, is in our powerful solutions for the thorny security challenges that organizations face. In today's blog, you can hear -- not just read -- all about them.

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Visit Ericom Software at Infosec Europe for Exciting Reveals You Won’t Want to Miss

After missing Infosec Europe for a number of years, Ericom is back with some neat tricks up our sleeves that resolve thorny problems like phishing and unmanaged device risk.

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Why No SASE/SSE Architecture is Complete Without Isolation

Web isolation technology strengthens SASE platforms with functionality that extends well beyond secure browsing to protect web app surfaces.

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Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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