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Remote Access Solutions Overview

Ericom's remote access product portfolio comprises a myriad of solutions for enabling access to any application, from anywhere and any device. They're simple and cost-effective to deploy and use, yet also flexible enough to accommodate a myriad of use cases. Moreover, Ericom's remote access solutions can be used in combination or each on their own; centrally managed or unmanaged. When viewing the video, you can activate closed captions in the video player, or click here for the full transcript.



Ericom is the "Access Done Right" company, and our goal is to provide access to any application, from any device, anywhere.

We recognize that each organization has unique access requirements, impacted by such trends as BYOD, mobility, the cloud, scalability, Big Data, device diversity, remote access, and outsourcing. With over 20 years of exclusive experience providing access solutions, Ericom is committed to helping you overcome these and other challenges.

If your users need access to applications and desktops running on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and desktop virtualization platforms, then we have a remote desktop access solution suite to meet your needs! Ericom's products are secure, easy to deploy, use, and manage, and won't break your budget.

Let's take a closer look at the highlights of Ericom's solutions, including managed access from mobile and other devices, HTML5, browser-based technology, flexible scalability, RDP acceleration, and more:

Ericom Connect, our flagship solution, delivers secure, centrally managed application and desktop access management that is more flexible, scalable and simple to deploy and operate than competing solutions. So you can start as small as you want, and grow as needed - up to 100,000 concurrent users and more per access management server!

Providing 100% web-based management, powerful reporting insights, and excellent price performance, Ericom Connect provides an intuitive, productivity-enhancing user experience, while lowering IT overhead and protecting existing IT investments.

Is your organization jumping on the BYOD bandwagon? Do you need to satisfy on-the-go users who need to connect from different locations and devices? Look to Ericom AccessNow for the answer.

Ericom AccessNow is a clientless HTML5 RDP solution that enables remote users to run their hosted Windows applications and even full desktops in a browser - securely and without having to install anything - on their mobile device, PC, Mac, or Chromebook – in fact, any device with an HTML5-compatible browser. And AccessNow couldn't be simpler to use – all you need is an HTML5 browser, network connection, URL address and login details.

If your remote users complain about slow application response times, or your branch offices connect over slow, wide area networks, check out Ericom Blaze.

This software-based RDP compression and acceleration solution will allow your end-users to enjoy a superior, local PC-like experience, especially across wide area networks. Whether scrolling through PDFs, or viewing PowerPoint presentations, Flash movies and other graphics-intensive applications, Ericom Blaze makes it all go faster, while significantly reducing bandwidth consumption and optimizing RDP network traffic.

Mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Android devices are playing an increasing role in our lives. With Ericom's AccessToGo native RDP client, you can provide the fastest remote access from these devices to Windows virtual desktops, office or home PCs, and to Word, Excel and other Windows applications - securely, anytime and anywhere.

Ericom AccessNow and Ericom Blaze are available on their own, or wrapped in Ericom Connect – our robust management solution that gives you control over who has access to what, and making sure everyone has access to the resources they need to do their job on a daily basis.

So that's the Ericom product portfolio. Ericom enables you to deploy remote access fast and keep the IT environment both simple and secure, without complicating your daily life. And all while staying within your budget!

So let us help you with your access needs! Visit, send us an email or call us to get started.