3rd party / Contractor Access

Extend the reach of organizational resources to external contractors & third party personnel, easily and securely, while blocking unauthorized access to sensitive organizational data.
Easily extend access to 3rd parties without having to provide a security token of any sort
Zero end-user installation and minimal IT overhead
Simple management of organizational access policies
Product Information

✔ Ensure access control and monitoring of third parties accessing your system

✔ All leading two-factor authentication tools for secure logins are supported

✔ Mange access policies based on user profiles and needs

✔ Ericom’s clientless solution makes access management simple and effective

Success stories

"Giving any third-party provider access to your company's systems is a security risk. Even if there's no malicious intent, or the access is provided for a legitimate business purpose, it should be strictly controlled, if not prohibited."

Joel Dubin, CISSP, independent computer security consultant.
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Any application,
any device,
We wanted to make it really easy for doctors to open up a browser and get to work. By simply entering a URL or clicking a saved link, the doctors can go straight into the AOD login screen; they don’t even see a remote desktop – just the app they need.
Jerry Frohlich
IT System Specialist
Frasier Meadows
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