PowerTerm WebConnect VDI and Terminal Services Connection Broker Features

PowerTerm® WebConnect RemoteView

Additional Features & Benefits

PowerTerm Webconnect RemoteView is an advanced connection broker that plays a vital role in simplifying and reducing the cost of managing applications and desktop deployments on Terminal Servers (RDS Session Hosts), and virtual desktops (VDI) platforms. Key features include:

Centralized Administration and Management

PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView gives full, centralized control over enterprise applications. Using the Administration Tool, the IT Administrator can customize the user environment, configure and monitor resource access, closely follow user behavior, easily identify intruders and respond to users in need of assistance. Audit capabilities record and store all the connections made in a database for later review. The user's environment can be controlled to the level of screen color, numerous fonts, keyboard mapping or even menu display.
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Full support for Microsoft RemoteFX, enhancing the user-experience

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Microsoft RemoteFX provides a great user experience over the local area network (LAN) and very fast WAN. To complement this, PowerTerm WebConnect's Ericom Blaze technology delivers a great user experience over the WAN, WIFI, GPRS and other networks, making it a perfect technological complement to RemoteFX  
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Simplified and streamlined virtual desktop management and deployment

  • Full cloning and linked clones
  • Auto-sizing pools that automatically grow and shrink
  • Creation and management of machine configuration libraries
  • Assigning user privileges on machines, e.g., Administrator or Power user
  • Automatically revert virtual machines to clean state after use

Enhanced Security

PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView provides enterprise-level security measures with comprehensive security features. These include real-time intruder monitoring, logging and event recording, Single Sign-On and Kerberos, plus integration with leading SSL VPNs and RSA® SecurID® and SecurEnvoy® two-factor authentication support within PowerTerm WebConnect's Windows native client. With built-in support for SSL, all connections from the client to the Terminal Servers can be encrypted, making them secure across public networks. (Other SBC solutions offer a secure server specifically as a stand-alone server only). Moreover, with built in SSL, administrators can permit secure connections to servers that do not support SSL connections.
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Full integration with Microsoft RDP verison 7 and RDP 7.1. RC, enabling:

  • Automatic deployment of RDP7 to compatible clients
  • 32-bit color sessions
  • RDP7 enhanced multi-monitor support for desktops and seamless windows
  • Support for RDP7 bi-directional audio

Unified Desktops

This usability and IT flexibility feature merges local and remote desktops into a single, seamless entity

FIPS Support

PowerTerm WebConnect uses Microsoft's RDP client - the de facto standard remote desktop protocol client in FIPS 140-2 compliant WinXP SP3 and Win 2003 software, and higher.

Integrated with Microsoft App-V

Integrated with Microsoft App-V enables organizations to seamlessly and easily stream virtual applications to clients and servers

Universal Printing

Ericom provides the option to integrate with leading universal printing solutions, including triCerat and Net2Printer.

Load balancing

PowerTerm WebConnect features highly scalable load balancing for Terminal Servers and applications. PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView allocates the most appropriate server, optimizes server connection sessions, and prevents server overloads and downtime, improving productivity and workflow. As an enterprise-wide offering, PowerTerm WebConnect can easily handle load balancing for up hundreds of Terminal Servers.
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Integration with Active Directory

PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView can maintain its own database of users and groups, but also automatically identifies user definitions from any LDAP-compatible directory, e.g., Microsoft Active Directory, Novell® eDirectory and iPlanet. Using LDAP, the system administrator can import the existing network configuration, removing the need for manual rekeying and saving significant time in the initial setup. Moreover, PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView can also identify a user for authentication even if moved between OUs (Organizational Units). If the network user is disabled, then the WebConnect server will not allow this user to log into the system.
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 Application publishing that's fast & simple

Virtualization Platforms

  • VMware vCenter; VMware ESX / ESXi ; VMware Server
  • Microsoft SCVMM R2; Microsoft Hyper-V R2
  • Parallels Virtuozzo
  • Oracle VM
  • Enomaly ECP

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