Supported User OS from Ericom

Supported User OS

Ericom Software opens up possibilities by offering a number of PowerTerm products which work on multiple operating systems as diverse as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X , and Sun_Solaris.

Users who needs to work on more than one platform benefit from familiarity with Ericom's PowerTerm products, ensuring that the user experience is seamless regardless of operating system. Corporations can easily expand their number of operating systems without any disruption of their mission critical business processes.

A reality of the current business environment is that companies consolidate and merge. Finding a way to synchronize business applications and systems is a complicated issue, as companies function differently and users are trained to work on specific systems. Even within an organization, different users may need different operating systems for their respective tasks.

Because Ericom's PowerTerm products support multiple operating systems, businesses can standardize on one vendor and reap the benefits of having one address for their host access needs.

 Operating System  PowerTerm Product  Overview
Windows   PowerTerm Lite   Terminal emulation for UNIX
PowerTerm Plus   Terminal emulation for UNIX with Secure FTP
PowerTerm InterConnect Windows Edition   Secure Terminal emulation for Windows with SSL/SSH SSO & Kerberos
PowerTerm Pro   Terminal emulation for Windows with Power GUI
PowerTerm Pro Enterprise   Secure Terminal emulation for Windows with Power GUI and VBA
PowerTerm WBT   Terminal emulation for Windows Based Terminals
PowerTerm WTC   Terminal emulation for Windows Thin Clients
PowerTerm WebConnect   Secure Web-to-host terminal emulation
PowerTerm Host Publisher   Terminal emulation with rejuvenation and integration
Linux   PowerTerm InterConnect Linux Edition Secure terminal emulation for Linux
PowerTerm LTC   Secure terminal emulation for Linux Thin Clients
MAC OS X   PowerTerm InterConnect MAC OS X Edition   Secure terminal emulation for Mac OS X
Sun Solaris   PowerTerm InterConnect Solaris Edition   Secure terminal emulation for Solaris