Technical Specification for PowerTerm Plus from Ericom

PowerTerm Plus

  Supported Platforms     Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012
Both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) OS are supported
  Hosts Supported        Unix
     Open VMS
  Terminals Emulated        VT52
     AIX Term
   Wyse 50/60
   TVI 925/950
   Linux Console
  Supported Interfaces        Ethernet
   Token Ring
     Serial Ports Communication Modes TCP/IP Winsock
   Pathworks DECnet (CTERM)
  File Transfer        FTP Client
   SFTP Client
     Kermit (Including get command) Xmodem
     Transfer to/from clipboard
   remote file browsing
  Printing Support        All printing sizes
   landscape and portrait printing
   print screen
     auto print mode
   advanced printing
   form feed
  Screen Support        Graphical drag & drop keyboard mapping
   graphical color selection
   customizable function keys
   scalable fonts
     status line
   menu bar
   tool bar
   80/132 column width
     variable lines per page
   double width/height characters
   blink & underline attributes
   reverse screen support
  Language Support        English
  Security        SSH
     SSH Keys
  Other Features     Modem dialing, multiple sessions, Power Script Language, script recorder, keep-alive-timeout, graphical drag and drop, keyboard mapping, keyboard property page, Session Manager, Intellimouse support, Savelock-state, language code pages support, automated login, hide menus, file operations, history scroll bar for session, history review, high-level API, DDE client & server, COM client, LK450 keyboard support, intelligent copy & paste of blocks/lines/words, floating programmable PowerPad keypad, status display for host and printer, and more.