Telnet Client PowerTerm Emulation for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
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Powerful Telnet Clients

Try PowerTerm® Telnet emulation products for free today! Maximize the capabilities of legacy systems with a minimal amount of installation time and software space

  • Telnet clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X desktops, thin clients (XPe, CE and Linux-based)
  • Optional SSH / SSL support
  • Power GUI and VBA scripting for recording and automating tasks
  • Graphical drag 'n drop keyboard mapping
  • Facilitates compliance with GLBA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and more
  • Printer support
  • Extremely small footprint - installs on any PC in less than a minute

Terminals Emulated:
IBM: TN3270 TN3270E, TN5250, 3151
Digital: VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, VT510, VT520, VT525
Wyse/TVI: Wyse (50/50+/60), Televideo TVI 910+/920/925/950/955, ADDS VP A2, HZ1500
Others: Data General D-412, Siemens 97801, HP 700, Tandem 6530

PowerTerm Telnet Client

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Telnet Clients and Terminal Emulators

Windows XP Telnet Client
Windows 7 Telnet Client
Windows 8 Telnet Client

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Mac OS X Telnet Client & terminal emulator -
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Linux Telnet Client & terminal emulator -
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With VBA - Telnet Client and Terminal Emulator -

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Browser-based Telnet Client and Terminal Emulator -

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Value-added Benefits & Features

  • Maximizes user efficiency and productivity with more features and faster key response than any competing solution
  • Consolidate multiple emulators with one license
  • Record scripts in VB Script or Jscript to automate routine host activity
  • API compatibility for HLLAPI, EHLLAPI and more
  • FTP Client, SFTP Client, IND$FILE, Kermit (including get command), Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Transfer to/from clipboard, remote file browsing, ASCII, Data File Transfer
  • Auto print mode, print screen, slave printing, IBM 3270 printer session (IBM-3287), IBM 5250 printer session (IBM-3812), SNA LU1 and LU3 support, advanced printing (e.g. LPI & CPI), host print transform, override host settings, SCS printing
  • Intuitive GUI Language support in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek & Czech

Enabling Telnet Client in Windows 7

A Telnet Client enables connectivity to a remote machine via the Telnet protocol. By default, Telnet over Windows 7 is not enabled, however it is easy to enable Telnet by following the steps outlined on

Session Connectivity over Telnet with Ericom PowerTerm

Session TypeParameters
TELNETUses the Telnet protocol over TCP/IP for network communication.
  • Specify the host computer name or the IP address in the Host Name text box.
  • Specify the TELNET Port number (default 23).
  • The winsock.dll file must be in the search path.
TN3270TELNET for 3270 emulations.
  • Select Use TN3270 Protocol to work with TELNET SNA extensions.
  • Specify the LU Name of the host (LU name or LU pool).
TN5250TELNET for 5250 emulations

Defining Print Parameters

As a Telnet client, PowerTerm InterConnect enables the user to define print parameters in order to print the terminal screen or data transferred from the host application. PowerTerm InterConnect supports a few different methods of printing host information to local or network-accessible printer resources.

In most cases, the user does not have to modify the standard printer stream before sending it to a defined printer. Printing can be done in either Text or Graphic mode. For IBM 5250 printing emulations there is also the option to enable Host Transform printing.

Keyboard Mapping

PowerTerm Telnet Client enables the user to map PC keys to host keys in order to emulate the host terminal keyboard. The keyboard mapping definitions are stored in a file with the same name as the current terminal setup file, with the extension .ptk. For example, the default keyboard mapping definitions are stored as ptdef.ptk.

The Keyboard Mapping dialog is presented in three colors:

  • Gray, is a virtual (terminal) key
  • White, is an OS character
  • Yellow, is an OS dead character

The PowerTerm Telnet Client enables users to save keyboard-mapping settings separately as well as customize the keyboard to emit a certain sound when certain actions are taken, automatically repeat a certain behavior and to perform many other tasks.

PSL Scripts

Ericom PowerTerm Script Language (PSL) is a full-featured programming language, which enables the Telnet user to create scripts for automating tasks. For example, a PSL script can be created for automatic login. Scripts can be used when PowerTerm starts up, when connecting via Telnet to a session or can be utilized any time during a PowerTerm Telnet session.

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Hosts Supported:

IBM Mainframe (zSeries), IBM AS/400 (iSeries), Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, Tandem (NSK), and HP-3000 and more

Communication Modes:

TN3270/TN3270E (RFC 1646 and 1647), TN5250/TN5250E (with device name support), Microsoft SNA server, Novell Netware for SAA, APPC (NS-router for 5250), Telnet, Serial, TAPI