PowerTerm InterConnect Linux system requirements from Ericom

System Requirements

PowerTerm InterConnect

(Linux edition) - Tested Distributions:  

Listed below are the minimum system requirements that are needed to run your PowerTerm software to its full potential.

Please contact us with any questions or queries regarding these hardware requirements.

  • Novell Linux Desktop 10-SLED 10
  • Debian 3.1
  • Fedora Core4
  • Java Desktop Systems 3
  • Mandriva 2006
  • Red hat 9
  • SuSE Professional 9.3
  • Ubuntu 5.10
  • Xandros Desktop 3

While the above distributions have been officially tested by Ericom Software, PowerTerm InterConnect (Linux edition) may run on other Linux distributions as well.

  • 386 data processor or higher.
  • Connection to host computer.
  • 70 MB free space on your hard disk.

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