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Benefits of PowerTerm WebConnect

  • Cost-effective application access management
  • Fast, simple and cost-effective remote access to desktops via the Internet , giving users an exact copy of their desktops
  • Reduced desktop support costs associated with software licensing, IT staff overheads
  • Faster application and desktop deployment and updates
  • 20-50% more user sessions per Terminal Server than Citrix
  • Enhanced performance and productivity with from a flexible and customizable user-experience
  • Flexible & transparent reconnection between users and their applications or desktops

Key Features of PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView

  • Centralized administration and management
  • Simplified failover to backup systems
  • Universal Printing
  • Server-based Computing & IT Infrastructure Management
  • Easier manageability and integration with existing infrastructures, since PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView is built on industry standards
  • Enhanced Security
  • Multi-platform Client Support, Including Windows Vista
  • Virtual desktop deployments flexible and cost-effective
  • Load Balancing for Terminal Servers & Applications
  • Automatic Deployments & Auto Refreshes
  • Application Publishing & True Seamless Windows
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Universal Printing
  • Enterprise-wide Collaboration
  • Enhanced Thin Client Computing Solution, Supporting CE, XPe and Linux clients
  • Simplified PowerTerm WebConnect Server Management


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