PowerTerm for Sun Ray

PowerTerm® for Sun Ray

The only secure multi–host terminal emulator for Sun Platforms

Platforms Sun Solaris (Sparc); Sun JDS (Linux Intel)
Hosts IBM Mainframe; IBM AS/400; UNIX; Linux; OpenVMS; Data General; HP-3000; Tandem
Emulations IBM 3270; IBM 5250; IBM 3151; ANSI; AT386; Linux; AIXterm; VT 52-525; Wyse 370; Wyse 50+/50/60; Televideo; Data General; HP 700/92; HP 700/96; Tandem ; Siemens; ADDS VP A2; HZ 1500
Security SSL; SSH; Kerberos; Single Sign On

Ericom's PowerTerm InterConnect for Sun Solaris and JDS terminal emulator provides a secure and effective means of running legacy applications from within the Sun Solaris and JDS platforms. PowerTerm InterConnect facilitates connection to applications over networks from any Sun Ray environment. This secure full-featured terminal emulation solution ensures fast and reliable connections for sharing information throughout the enterprise, regardless of host type.

Key Benefits

  • PowerTerm InterConnect supports a wide range of hosts and emulation types, enabling corporations to standardize on a single host access solution.
  • PowerTerm InterConnect provides enhanced security with SSH, SSL, Kerberos and Single Sign On.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, PowerTerm InterConnect GUI (graphic user interface) enables users to rapidly and efficiently execute their work.
  • Powerful features such as: graphical drag-and-drop keyboard mapping, multiple concurrent sessions, scalable and selectable fonts, intelligent copy and paste, and advanced scripting language for automating tasks.

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