Western Financial Group replaces Citrix with PowerTerm WebConnect, Ericom's server-based computing solution.

Leading Canadian Insurance, Financial and Banking Services Provider Replaces Citrix with Ericom's Server Based Computing solution




Western Financial Group, Inc


   PowerTerm® WebConnect


   To provide its 600 insurance brokers with remote access to the organization's core insurance application running on Windows Terminal Servers.


   PowerTerm WebConnect provides application access to insurance brokers, while helping to reduce IT overhead costs and supporting plans for future growth.


  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Allows IT to better manage, update, control and protect business assets with centralized management and administration
  • Extends insurance services to remote offices
  • Improves workflow with Ericom's load balancing prevents server overloads and downtime
  • Improves user productivity with automatic reconnects of users to interrupted sessions, without loss of data
  • Ericom's solution is cost-effective and reasonably priced
  • Solid cross-industry reputation and track record

"PowerTerm WebConnect does a great job of load balancing," said Bennett. "Citrix provides a hundred different bells and whistles with their product, but we don't have a need for all those features. PowerTerm WebConnect definitely hits all the features we need, and more, at a fraction of the cost of Citrix."
Doug Bennett, Networking & Technology IT Manager, Western Financial Group

The Background

Western Financial Group, Inc. is a leading provider of insurance, financial and banking services to more than 400,000 individuals and businesses in Western Canada through its WFG Agency Network locations, its affiliated insurance brokers, Western Life Assurance Company and Bank West.

Western Financial Group implemented Ericom's server-based computing solution to enable 600 insurance brokers throughout its 80 remote offices to access the organization's core insurance application, Applied Systems Inc. TAM (The Agency Manager).

Best Value for the Dollar - PowerTerm® WebConnect

According to Doug Bennett, Western Financial Group's IT Manager, Networking & Technology, they had been using Citrix Presentation Server for over six years. "The Citrix solution was getting to be extremely expensive on an annual basis for the volume of users we had," explained Bennett.

Additionally, Bennett felt that Microsoft Terminal Services was not the right solution for Western Financial Group either. "Terminal Services didn't give us the load balancing or control over external connections we needed, so we sought a solution that would address these issues," he said.

Turning to Ericom - A Solid Name in the Industry with an Enterprise-wide Offering

Western Financial Group was already using Ericom's product to provide access to its banking applications. "I knew Ericom had a successful track record in the marketplace, as well as a responsive support team in North America. Those were significant reasons for going with PowerTerm WebConnect over other products."

Additionally, key features that Bennett looked for in choosing an enterprise-wide access solution included:
  • Dependable load balancing of terminal servers
  • Efficient Session Reconnect
  • Stable, secure remote connectivity for employees requiring access from outside the office
  • Reliable management tool for centralized administration and management.

PowerTerm WebConnect for Simple and Quick Deployment

According to Bennett, deploying PowerTerm WebConnect was quick and straightforward. "It took us half a day to complete the initial installation," recalled Bennett. "We tested the product for a month with no major issues and began migrating our entire user base to PowerTerm WebConnect. From the perspective of our end-users, there is very little change in accessing their applications. We spent 2 to 3 minutes explaining to our employees how to log in and out, and that was it."

Planning the Future

Bennett expects PowerTerm WebConnect to expand with the organization. "Western Financial Group is on a path of growth," said Bennett. "With plans for our insurance business to double its size over the next three and a half years, we see PowerTerm WebConnect as the ideal solution to continue to grow with us," concluded Bennett.

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IT Environment   

Applied Systems Inc. Tam (The Agency Manager); Office 2003

Windows 2003

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