AccessNow Makes Convenient Care Even More Convenient for Leading U.S. Drugstore Chain

AccessNow Makes Convenient Care Even More Convenient for Leading U.S. Drugstore Chain



Leading U.S. Drugstore Chain
Product    Ericom AccessNow


  • Provide clinicians with secure access to patient management applications, Microsoft applications, as well as the internet browsing, in a complex IT environment of varied devices and networks.
  • Create a system of centrally-managed, dedicated 'locked-down' remote desktops.
  • Improve current unsatisfactory clinician user experience resulting from high latency networks.

   Deploy Ericom AccessNow to give clinicians browser-based, fast remote access to applications.


  • Chain can provide clinicians with the applications and capabilities they need while ensuring the security of sensitive information through centrally-managed, locked-down devices.
  • Ericom AccessNow also includes Ericom's Blaze RDP acceleration technology, which enhances application performance and browsing speed, improving productivity by allowing clinicians to complete tasks more quickly.
  • Clinicians can remotely access important applications as well as the internet easily and from any office location via a centralized remote desktop system to provide convenient care that patients can rely upon .

"Getting quality healthcare should be simple. AccessNow makes it possible by giving clinicians the access they need to treat patients quickly and easily."
Ilan Paretsky, VP of Marketing at Ericom

The Rise of Convenient Care

Across the U.S., drugstores are an important resource for individuals and families, providing them with access to health and wellness services. From pharmacy services to over-the-counter remedies and even groceries and gifts, drugstores make it simple for people to get the tools they need to keep themselves healthy, all in one convenient location.

In recent years, major drugstore chains have expanded their ability to provide health and wellness services by adding convenient care clinics to their locations. Convenient care clinics - or CCC's - are walk-in healthcare clinics located in retail outlets. Staffed primarily by nurse practitioners (NP) and physician's assistants (PA), CCC's help people get treatment for minor illness and injuries, such as colds, rashes, and muscle sprains, as well as preventative care such as vaccinations and health screenings.

A convenient and affordable way to access healthcare services without the hassle of waiting for an appointment with a primary healthcare provider, CCC's have grown rapidly in popularity. In fact, as of 2015, there were over 2,000 CCC's across the U.S. alone.


One leading U.S. drugstore chain has recently opened multiple new CCC locations across the country to meet the demand for convenient care. In order to provide and manage care, clinicians stationed in these locations need reliable access to their central portal and patient management system as well as access to secure browsers, Outlook, and other Microsoft applications.

Taking Control of Patient Care

Shortly after opening, the chain realized that it required a way for the clinicians to access all of the necessary applications as well as the internet without providing each clinician with his or her own personal computer and without compromising security and patient privacy. In order to accomplish this, the chain wanted to implement a system of centrally-managed and locked-down remote desktops to manage users across the country via a central data center.

In addition, the clinicians found it difficult to complete vital daily tasks such as basic patient management because of poor application performance due to their use of high latency networks that were often unreliable.

First seeking an RDP acceleration solution to improve application responsiveness and user experience, the chain came across Ericom Blaze. From there, the chain discovered that Ericom's AccessNow remote access solution with Ericom's embedded Blaze technology could serve as a complete solution for their clinics.

"After speaking with the client, we understood that they needed a solution that was flexible enough to be compatible with the clinics' mixed IT environments while also providing easy access to important applications and browsers without installing complicated software and hardware that might distract from the clinicians' number one responsibility: caring for patients," stated Ilan Paretsky, Vice President of Marketing at Ericom.

A Simple and Secure Solution

After a fast deployment process, requiring zero end-point configuration, the drugstore chain found that AccessNow was the perfect solution for their CCC's. AccessNow combined with Ericom's Blaze technology makes it simple for clinicians to access patient management and other applications. This solution also allows the chain to control the content and applications accessed on the personalized, locked-down desktops through a centrally-managed system, ensuring the security of sensitive medical information.

Clinicians were stunned by the ease of AccessNow. A simple browser-based remote access solution, the clinicians are able to access the applications they need without doing more than logging into the remote desktop portal. "It just worked," stated a spokesperson for the drugstore chain.

No More Lags

In addition to simplicity, AccessNow offers improved performance. Whereas previously, the clinicians were forced to contend with sluggish applications and slow browsing, Ericom's patented Blaze technology has made it possible for the clinicians to access their system as well as other applications and browsers with zero latency. Not only does this enhanced user experience satisfy frustrated clinicians, it also improves productivity by allowing the clinicians to get more done in the same amount of time.

"The concept of the CCC is founded on the principle that getting quality healthcare should be simple. AccessNow makes it possible for CCC's to provide the convenient care that many Americans rely on by giving clinicians the access they need to treat patients quickly and easily; this makes AccessNow an invaluable tool for any retail care clinic," stated Ilan Paretsky.


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