PowerTerm WebConnect - SSH Client

PowerTerm® WebConnect SSH Client

SSH Client - Browser Based Secure Terminal Emulation with Secure File Transfer

With PowerTerm WebConnect's SSH Client you have the option to securely transfer files using SFTP between PowerTerm WebConnect's SSH Client and Unix, Linux, or OpenVMS systems. PowerTerm WebConnect's SSH Client is easy to use and provides the strong encryption you need for transferring sensitive information across public networks. Since PowerTerm WebConnect includes both SSH and SSL, it a low cost alternative to VPN access in many situations.

Since the SSH Client is a component of PowerTerm WebConnect, you not only get secure file transfer, you also get Ericom's full suite of capabilities including:

  • QuickVNC Client - with PowerTerm WebConnect's QuickVNC Client you can securely access remote applications running on Unix and Linux systems. Within a single browser window, the QuickVNC Client displays the screen and all of its application windows.
  • Install Once, Deploy Everywhere - PowerTerm WebConnect is installed once on the server and PowerTerm WebConnect Client is automatically downloaded to each user's system as needed. In addition, updates are also centrally installed and automatically distributed.
  • RDP Gateway - With PowerTerm WebConnect's RemoteView RDP Gateway you can securely access Windows applications running on a Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (TSE). Within a single browser window, the RDP client displays the Window's screen and all of its application windows.
  • Wide range of supported hosts including Unix, Linux, Wyse, SCO, IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, HP 3000, OpenVMS, Tandem, Data General, Televideo, and more.
  • SupportView - SupportView provides a pcAnywhere™ - like capability with several advantages: it does not have to be preinstalled, it does not require user configuration, it is firewall friendly, and it is extremely fast.
  • Central Administration - From a central location the system administrator can assign capabilities by individuals or groups, control resource access, monitor system utilization, and determine which sessions are open and much more.
  • Reconnect - Whenever there is a momentary break in the connection between the client and the host, the session is typically lost and the user must re-log on. With PowerTerm WebConnect, the WebConnect server maintains the connection with the host and the client. Even if the connection is lost between the PowerTerm WebConnect Server and the Client, the session simply continues from where it left off reestablishing the connection.
  • Concurrent Licensing - Concurrent licensing means never paying for what you don't use. With PowerTerm WebConnect, you purchase a "pool" of licenses that are shared among many users.
  • LDAP/WinNT Authentication - PowerTerm WebConnect accesses account information in real-time via encrypted communications and can download desired accounts for local management. It utilizes the power of LDAP to control access to Windows applications running on Windows Terminal Servers.

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