Speed up remote desktop performance with Ericom Blaze RDP acceleration and compression software
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Speed Up Remote Desktop Experience with Ericom Blaze
RDP Acceleration and Compression Software

Enjoy up to 10 times Faster Graphics, Animations & Response Times!

Ericom Blaze - standalone software accelerates, optimizes connections and speed up rdp to all RDP hosts, including Terminal Services, virtual desktops and remote workstations. As a high performance solution, Ericom Blaze accelerates the delivery of graphics-rich content, e.g., browsers, PDFs, Flash and other media-rich applications by up to 10 times, over WAN / LAN. Significantly improving the end-user experience, Ericom Blaze greatly reduces RDP bandwidth consumption, mitigating the negative effects of high network latency.

  • Ericom Blaze technology works equally well, both as a standalone product with any x86 or x64-based host system supporting RDP, including Windows Terminal Servers, remote physical desktops and VDI-based desktops, as well as with advanced connection brokers including Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect and VMware View.
  • Ericom Blaze enables SMBs and larger organizations to roll out desktop virtualization (VDI), Terminal Services, and thin computing to remote/mobile users, branch offices and private Clouds - quickly and cost-effectively.

Ericom Blaze Features & Benefits

  • Enables IT to speed up RDP performance and remote desktop user-experiences and network responsiveness
  • Compatible with all remote applications accessed using RDP, including graphic-intensive applications with rich user interfaces
  • Accelerates slow connections to RDP hosts, including Terminal Services, virtual desktops (VDI) and remote workstations / blade PCs
  • Can accelerate even text-based content delivery by up to 3 times
  • Mitigates the negative effects of slow RDP sessions and high network latency by reducing RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 10 times

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