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Remote Access to Virtual Desktops From Anywhere, Any Devices

Lower IT overhead while providing secure, managed access to virtual desktops - From PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones, Chromebooks and locked down workstations

Ericom's virtual desktop access (VDI) solutions simplify virtual desktop deployments, enabling you to get more out of existing IT assets, reduce operating costs, and increase data security - all while delivering a superior, customizable desktop experience. More features and benefits

Secure and Centrally Managed

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With Ericom's enhanced VDI connection broker, deliver secure, centrally managed access to virtual desktops (VDI) hosted on over a dozen leading hypervisors from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others as well as on Blade PCs.

Features include universal printing, a secure gateway option, accelerated native RDP and HTML5-based clients access (Ericom Blaze and Ericom AccessNow), and more. These allow users to enjoy secure, flexible access to hosted Windows desktops from any device, anywhere - PC, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices - even locked down workstations. Great for BYOD programs.
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Native RDP and HTML5 browser-based RDP access

Ericom's native and HTML5 (browser-based) RDP clients are used are in combination or each on their own, unmanaged or centrally managed.

  • Ericom AccessToGo Mobile RDP Clients - Free and Blaze-accelerated mobile clients provide access to Windows Terminal Servers / RDS / virtual desktops (VDI) and physical desktops - securely, anytime and anywhere. For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Tablets and Phones as for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets
  • Ericom AccessNow - This premier line of pure HTML5 RDP clients enables instant, browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops running on Microsoft RDS / Terminal Services and leading VDI platforms from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Dell - Dell vWorkspace. Supports access from PC, Mac and Linux desktops and laptops, locked-down PCs, Chromebook, iPad / iPhone, Android and RIM Blackberry / Playbook - without installing Flash, Java or any other software on the client. That means zero client maintenance!
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Benefits of Ericom's Virtualization Solutions

Ericom's approach to virtualization:

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
    On-demand access to virtual desktops whenever users need it - from the office, home, road, customer site, etc.
  • Expedite Desktop Deployments, Updates & Maintenance
    Eliminates the hassle of local PC installations
  • Better Management and Control
    Increases administrator's control over desktop configurations and enables desktop customization based on user needs
  • Enhanced Security
    Desktops with applications and data are hosted within the datacenter - protecting sensitive information that would be compromised with stolen laptops or PCs
  • Full PC Desktop Experience
    Virtual desktops maintain the same look and feel of traditional PCs - enabling a quick end user-migration to virtual desktop

Features of Ericom's Virtualization Solutions

  • Centralizes management of large groups of servers, desktops and users with a single administrative console
  • Maximize platform flexibility and resource utilization.
  • Increases the efficiency and productivity of remote users (mobile employees, business partners, telecommuters, etc.).
  • Enhances server performance and scalability through centrally managing and load-balancing VM pools, Terminal Servers and Blade PCs
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance with customizable logging and auditing capabilities
  • Enhances security and reduces business risks - Virtual Desktop users have complete privacy with their own virtual hard drive, files and applications.
  • Enables your users to work remotely and enjoy a superior and customizable desktop experience through accelerated RDP display performance and customization of the desktop environment
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of virtual desktop deployment and maintenance by hosting and administering virtual desktops from a centralized location

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