TN3270 Emulators for IBM (zSeries) Mainframe

Powerful yet easy to use TN3270 Emulators for IBM (zSeries) connectivity

PowerTerm TN3270 emulator software provide a simple, fast and effective means of running legacy applications, with an extremely small footprint. TN3270 / TN3270E emulators are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS desktops, as well as XPe, CE and Linux-based thin clients

Setting up PowerTerm Terminal Emulator software for Windows

What is TN3270 Terminal Emulation?

TN3270 (short for Telnet 3270) is a terminal emulation standard used to access IBM zSeries / System Z mainframes. Mainframes are servers that provide companies with large-scale data processing capabilities, servicing thousands of users. In the past, true IBM 3270 terminals were used to interface with these servers. With the advent of personal computing, however, companies began using terminal emulation software such as Ericom’s PowerTerm TN3270 client software to access mainframe-based applications, because it is considerably more efficient and cost effective than using genuine IBM terminals.

Session Connectivity over Telnet with Ericom PowerTerm

Session Type



Uses the Telnet protocol over TCP/IP for network communication.

  • Specify the host computer name or the IP address in the Host Name text box.
  • Specify the TELNET Port number (default 23).
  • The winsock.dll file must be in the search path.


TELNET for 3270 emulations.

  • Select Use TN3270 Protocol to work with TELNET SNA extensions.
  • Specify the LU Name of the host (LU name or LU pool).


TELNET for 5250 emulations

Printing from a TN3270 Client Session

PowerTerm TN3270 clients enable the user to define print parameters in order to print the terminal screen or data transferred from the host application using local or network-accessible printer resources. Printing can be done in either Text or Graphic mode.

Keyboard Mapping

PowerTerm TN3270 clients enable the user to map PC keys to 3270-specific host keys in order to emulate the TN3270 terminal keyboard. The keyboard mapping definitions are stored in a file with the same name as the current terminal setup file, with the extension .ptk. For example, the default keyboard mapping definitions are stored as ptdef.ptk.

The Keyboard Mapping dialog is presented in three colors:

  • Gray, is a virtual (terminal) key
  • White, is an OS character
  • Yellow, is an OS dead character

PowerTerm TN3270 clients enables users to save keyboard-mapping settings separately as well as customize the keyboard to emit a certain sound when certain actions are taken, automatically repeat a certain behavior and to perform many other tasks.

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