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Follow Key Data Security MPA Best Practice Common Guidelines for VFX Studios by Using RBI

Reduce costs, increase VFX/post-production studio productivity, and empower users to instantly leverage internet tools like email, web browsing, and virtual collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams on production devices, while safeguarding valuable intellectual property (IP) and pre-release content from exposure and loss.

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Prevent Content Exposure with Granular Policy-Based User Controls
Enable essential internet use while restricting actions that can lead to content exposure. Limit or block browser clipboarding functions, disable access to personal cloud storage, prohibit uploads to social media sites and IMs, and impose strict size limitations for content uploads.

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Protect Networks and Content from Cyberthreats

Remote browser isolation protects your network and valuable content from zero-day exploits, phishing, ransomware, weaponized files and credential theft. It keeps 100% of website code away from endpoints, yet provides a natural, fully-interactive user experience on users’ regular browsers, even for video.

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Virtual Meetings in Teams and Zoom, with No Risk of Content Exposure

Restrict data that users can expose in virtual meetings through granular controls of camera, screenshare and chat use, including what content can be shared in screenshares and chats. No images, video or audio from meetings is cached on user devices, preventing later retrieval.

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