For faster pdf displays on terminal services (RDS) and VDI

Ericom Blaze: Accelerating the Slow display performance of PDFs running on Terminal Servers / RDS / VDI via RDP

Viewing PDF files running on Terminal Server / RDS in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader frequently frustrates users and often negatively impacts employee productivity. For example, Reader/Acrobat screen refreshes can be very slow and freeze up altogether over slow RDP connections, those with high latency and limited bandwidth. The user experience is often far worse when scrolling through graphics-rich / PDF documents, especially those containing high-resolution images.

Practical Solutions

According to Adobe, a user with the right privileges and experience, can sometimes improve PDF performance on low-bandwidth connections by updating certain settings such as 2D graphic acceleration, smooth images and others, in Acrobat or Reader. Having said that, Adobe also writes "There are no general solutions in Acrobat or Reader to improve performance problems in Terminal Server. Performance issues are often based on the bandwidth limitations of the network connection, or the RDP protocol itself."

Depending on the RDP version, the standard display protocol does not always deal well with PDF or Reader image data. "RDP sends the entire set of image data each time the image is scrolled on the page. Sending all the data at once can cause congestion on the network connection, especially with limited bandwidth"  1Adobe website:

According to Adobe, another possible solution is to use an RDP compression tool that compresses the data being sent

Ericom Blaze is a high performance RDP compression and acceleration tool that improves PDF display performance on Windows Terminal Servers and leading VDI hypervisors. It can compress RDP by up to 98% and transmit data by up to 10 times faster than RDP.

Ericom Blaze Features & Benefits

  • Speeds up the delivery of graphics-rich content, e.g., browsers, PDFs, Flash and other media-rich applications by up to 10 times, over WAN / LAN
  • Supports, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, CE, Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), and Android tablets and phones
  • Compatible with all remote applications accessed using RDP, including graphic-intensive applications with rich user interfaces
  • Can accelerate even text-based content delivery by up to 3 times
  • Reduces RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 10 times, mitigating the negative effects of slow RDP sessions and high network latency

How it works

Ericom Blaze performs three key operations:

  • Intelligently introspects the RDP protocol and compresses display data by 20 times and more. In addition, Blaze performs enhanced bulk compression on all the data transmitted via RDP.
  • Performs packet shaping to optimize RDP communication over high-latency / low-bandwidth connections.
  • Standard RDP breaks screen frames into multiple small chunks that are rendered individually on the local display. Blaze unifies these chunks and displays complete screen frames as single units, resulting in a much smoother and more pleasant end-user experience