Report an Issue

Reporting an issue

When reporting an issue to Ericom Support, we will try to provide a solution at the earliest possible time. Our team of courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives will answer all your questions regarding installation, programming or specific customization needs of the Ericom products.

Report an issue by selecting from one of the following categories:

Contact Ericom Technical Support

Click here to find the telephone and email address of the Ericom support office closest to your country or state.

Online Activation

Product Activation Keys for most Ericom products are available over the Web.*
*Note: Until online activation for the following products becomes available, please submit activation requests to Ericom's Activation Team:

  • Ericom Connect licenses Click here
  • PowerTerm Series with Terminal Server Edition (TSE) licenses Click here
  • PowerTerm InterConnect Solaris Edition Click here

Please visit the Activation Center for instructions on activating your software.

Maintenance & Upgrades

A valid maintenance agreement ensures technical support and software updates for your Ericom software. Please contact our sales department via email to receive information about new maintenance agreements, maintenance renewals and upgrading your Ericom product.