PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1
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PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1
       Create a SBC environment that's easy to manage
       and cost-effective for enterprise-wide deployments.
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Windows Edition

The Alternative to Citrix®
  • PowerTerm WebConnect is installed on its own server, NOT on each Terminal Server.
  • Faster deployment time - 30 minutes versus several days for typical Citrix installations.
  • PowerTerm WebConnect allows Terminal Servers to support 20% to 50% more sessions than Citrix.
  • 1/3 to 1/2 the price of Citrix Presentation Server.
  • PowerTerm WebConnect provides access to applications on Windows Terminal Server AND legacy host systems

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Experience PowerTermWebConnect 5.5.1

The new version of Ericom's enterprise-wide application access solution, PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1, provides organizations with a secure, comprehensive Server-based Computing environment that is easy to manage and cost-effective. As the leading Alternative to Citrix, PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1 streamlines application access, reduces licensing costs, simplifies deployments, supports more users on fewer servers, and much more.  

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New Features and Enhancements

The new version of PowerTerm WebConnect - Version 5.5.1 - is packed with numerous features and enhancements that optimize enterprise-wide deployments of Server-based Computing:

  • Expand Application Access across diverse IT Environments
    Secure remote access to applications residing on Windows Terminal Servers AND legacy host systems: IBM Mainframe, AS/400, OpenVMS, HP-3000, Tandem, UNIX, HP-3000, Linux, and more
  • Now supports Microsoft Vista Desktops
    In addition to current Windows and Linux desktop and thin client platform support, PowerTerm WebConnect also supports Microsoft Vista desktops
  • Leading Universal Tricerat Printing Integration
    Supports integration with a leading universal printing solution
  • Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory Support
    PowerTerm WebConnect automatically identifies existing Directory users and groups - saving significant time in the initial PowerTerm WebConnect setup
  • Thin Client Management
    Administrators can now include and manage CE-based thin clients via the PowerTerm WebConnect Admin Tool.
  • SSL VPN Integration and Interoperability
    Integrates with leading SSL VPN providers for secure end-to-end enterprise application access; ideal for mobile workers and business partners
  • Integrates with RTO TScale®
    For enhanced Terminal Server scalability and stability, PowerTerm WebConnect optionally integrates with RTO TScale's Virtual Memory Optimization, enabling applications to run more efficiently, use less memory, and generate less page file activity. This allows organizations to support more users with fewer servers.
  • PowerTerm WebConnect Server Clustering
    IT administrators can manage multiple PowerTerm WebConnect servers from a single management tool. It's also easier to add servers, since all servers store a local copy of the database
  • RSA SecurID® Two-factor Authentication
    PowerTerm WebConnect integrates with RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication, providing a higher level of security.

Key Benefits of PowerTerm WebConnect

  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Simpler software deployment and updates
  • Increased server scalability
  • Enhanced data security
  • Centralized management and administration
  • Flexible licensing plans

Address IT challenges:

  • Secure anywhere, anytime access to applications & data
  • Privacy of Information - Protecting sensitive corporate and customer data
  • Business Continuity - high availability of applications for uninterrupted access
  • Optimization of IT Resources - lowering IT overhead and TCO