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Ericom Announces PowerTerm CE® Terminal Emulator for Remote Access Users

Full Access with Unparalleled Ease-of-Use

Jerusalem, Israel, August 26, 1998 -- Ericom Software Ltd., a leading developer of enterprise-wide solutions for secure connectivity and access to data on host systems, enterprise networks, and the Internet, today announced the release of PowerTerm CE® for Microsoft's Windows CE operating system, the latest addition to its PowerTerm series of terminal emulators for the DOS, OS/2 and Windows platforms.

PowerTerm CE® enables handheld PC users to connect to applications running on a variety of UNIX, DEC and IBM hosts, combining the full functionality and ease-of-use of PowerTerm Interconnect with the mobility and flexibility afforded by Window CE devices. The PowerTerm series supports a full line of Digital, WYSE, IBM, DG, and other terminal emulations, ensuring fast, reliable connections for sharing information throughout the enterprise regardless of host type. "PowerTerm CE® caters to the growing number of telecommuters who want to establish a secure and reliable link with their enterprise network," said Ericom CEO Eran Heyman, "Whether dialing in via modem or connecting via a local LAN or directly through a serial cable, PowerTerm CE® enables users to access critical corporate legacy systems on the road as well as from the office."

Like its predecessor PowerTerm Interconnect, PowerTerm CE® demonstrates clear advantages in file size, ease of installation and response time. Due to efficient coding, the full PowerTerm CE® product is provided in one executable file of less than 1 MB, offering enhanced manageability for systems administrators together with powerful functionality for end-users. Among the product's features are customizable function keys, scalable screen view, multiple concurrent sessions, history scroll bar, and intelligent copy and paste. Terminal emulation performs the functions demanded by the centralized computing market including access to such critical legacy applications as accounting, inventory management and transaction processing, among others.

Microsoft's OEM Division Manager Orly Ben-Yosef said, "As a leading force in the host access market, Ericom is one of several companies channeling their unique areas of expertise to provide exciting applications for the Windows CE operating system. We're thrilled that Ericom has adopted the CE as an integral part of its technological focus with PowerTerm CE."

"PowerTerm CE® reaffirms our technological emphasis on providing facilitated access to stored data wherever it may be," said Mr. Heyman. "With PowerTerm CE, Ericom continues to meet the evolving communications needs that characterize today's global corporate environment. We have, once again, demonstrated our commitment to developing products supporting the most current technologies available in the market."