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Ericom® Introduces PowerTerm® CE 2.1 at Networld + Interop 98 Atlanta

Remote Access to Host Systems with Greater Ease and Flexibility

Networld + Interop, Atlanta, Georgia, October 22, 1998 - Ericom Software (Booth #1501), a leading developer of enterprise-wide software solutions enabling access to mission critical legacy applications residing on host systems, today introduced the newest version of its remote host access product, PowerTerm CE® 2.1 for Microsoft's Windows CE 2.1 operating system. PowerTerm CE® 2.1 is the latest addition to Ericom's flagship PowerTerm InterConnect series of terminal emulators running under DOS, OS/2 and all Windows platforms.

"The Handheld PC has come a long way since Microsoft first introduced its Windows CE operating system two years ago, gaining strong market acceptance by offering real mobile business solutions with the familiarity of the Windows interface," said Ericom CEO and founder Eran Heyman. "By supporting the latest release of Windows CE, Ericom has once again demonstrated its commitment to staying apace with changes in global business communications by providing valuable solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of the host access market."

The first terminal emulation solution of its kind for Windows CE 2.1, PowerTerm CE® enables handheld PC users to connect to mission-critical applications running on a variety of UNIX, DEC and IBM hosts. The PowerTerm series supports a full line of Digital, WYSE, IBM, DG, and other terminal emulation, ensuring fast, reliable connections for sharing information throughout the enterprise regardless of host type.

"Extending corporate information to an expanding base of mobile users is a critical requirement for a growing number of IS managers, but security and compatibility concerns often prevent the inclusion of host access as a core remote service," said Richard Villars, Director of Network Software at International Data Corp. "Products like Ericom's PowerTerm CE solution will help managers deliver legacy application support just as readily as e-mail or file transfer."

Terminal emulation performs the functions demanded by the centralized computing market including access to critical legacy applications such as inventory management, accounting and transaction processing. Feature highlights of the PowerTerm CE 2.1® include:

  • Clear advantages in file size, ease of installation and response time with a small footprint of less than 2MB installed.
  • Enhanced manageability tools for systems administrators.
  • Customizable function keys, scalable screen view, multiple concurrent sessions, history scroll bar, and intelligent copy and paste.
  • Additional features include clickable icons, direct dial-up, scalable fonts, device name support, session recall and a new user interface with enhanced keyboard and screen functionality for connecting to host systems.