Latest State-of-the-art Web Protection Technology Now Available in Africa
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Latest State-of-the-art Web Protection Technology Now Available in Africa

Ericom Announces Availability of its Ransomware and Malware-Fighting Remote Browser Isolation Solution

Closter, N.J., (March, 19, 2018) - Ericom Software, a leading global provider of solutions for securing and connecting the unified workspace, today announced immediate availability in Africa of Ericom Shield™, extending its strategic engagement with African businesses and organizations, many of which leverage the internet and web browsing as an integral part of their operations. Ericom Shield remote browser isolation solution for secure browsing complements Ericom's line of access and connectivity solutions and extends the ability of innovative digital businesses, organizations and communities to adopt, implement and enforce sustainable, secure and productive practices.

Ericom Shield dramatically enhances cyber-defense by blocking the main threat vector for ransomware, zero-day attacks, drive-by downloads and other malicious content. Gartner vividly describes this threat vector as the "Internet cesspool", and asserts that while companies achieve some degree of protection by layering multiple security solutions, such as anti-virus and secure web gateways, they should not delude themselves into thinking that doing so fully protects them.

In fact, the critical cybersecurity gap faced by most organizations today stems from the reactive nature of the majority of currently available solutions. This approach leaves businesses extremely vulnerable to new or undetectable strains of ransomware, zero-day attacks and other forms of web-borne malware. Responsible organizations desperately need solutions that proactively protect against both new and existing malware, without the need to recognize known or identifiable signatures or behaviors.

Remote Browser Isolation precisely fits the bill. It is a new type of solution that adds a preventative layer of protection on top of existing detection-based solutions. Recently named by leading analysts as the most promising technology for eliminating web-borne attacks via endpoints, Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation is a clientless, centrally managed solution that requires minimal IT overhead and does not disrupt end user productivity.

"Organizations can no longer consider restricting employee web use as a way to protect against browser-borne threats, since internet access is crucial for research, operations and myriad other business applications. Yet in recent years, browser- and email-borne attacks have grown to represent the majority of malicious cyber activity, costing companies dearly in downtime, credibility, recovery efforts and ransom payouts –all despite the near universal adoption of anti-virus and web gateway solutions," said Joshua Behar, Ericom Software CEO. "We expect our secure browsing solution to play a significant role in securing the online activity of organizations in Africa, especially as the prevalent solutions still heavily rely on patches and signature updates."

Ericom Shield executes all web content in a remote isolated environment, inside a disposable Linux container. The solution ensures a smooth and seamless browsing experience from any standard browser and any device, regardless of the underlying hardware or OS. Moreover, corporate networks are effectively protected from browser-borne threats and malware attacks, as no web content is executed on user devices. Instead, web content from each session or browser tab is executed in its own dedicated container, preventing malicious code from persisting as well as leakage of sensitive data between sessions (e.g., cross-site scripting). This results in a safe content stream delivered to the user's local browser in real time, providing a native, interactive and threat-free browsing experience.

Of particular note, Ericom Shield uses pre-integrated, best-of-breed Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) processes to scan and cleanse any files that are downloaded while users are browsing. Such files are liable to contain embedded code that can be used to damage or disable computers and computer systems. place the endpoint at risk, and in which malware may be embedded, unbeknown to the users. With Ericom Shield, all downloaded files are fully cleansed of irregular or otherwise suspicious elements prior to their release to the user device, making this the most comprehensive, well-rounded, productivity-enhancing solution available for secure browsing.

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