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Sixty-Two Percent of K-12 Schools Support Chromebook Initiatives, But Over 90% Still Rely on Windows Applications, According to Ericom Software Survey 

In Embracing Chromebooks and Other Mobile Devices, Schools Look to Browser-Based Access Solutions to Simplify Access to Windows Applications 

Closter, N.J., (July 27, 2016) - Ericom Software, a global leader in application access and virtualization solutions, today announced the findings of an independent industry study to assess current technology trends in K-12 education. 

The survey, directed at K-12 educators and IT professionals representing over 1,500 elementary, intermediate, and high schools and over half a million students, concluded that 62 percent of respondents' schools support Chromebooks initiatives to some extent and that almost a quarter (22 percent) of those schools use Chromebooks as a primary device in the classroom. 

However, while K-12 educators are beginning to realize the benefits of Chromebooks as educational tools, most schools have a heavy investment in Window applications. 92 percent of respondents indicated that their schools use at least one Windows-based application and more than a quarter (29 percent) use five or more Windows applications to support both learning and teaching. 

Survey data revealed that a top priority for adopting classroom technology is whether new devices are compatible with current applications, including Windows applications. For 43 percent of respondents, a dependence on both desktop and cloud-based Windows applications influences their thoughts about deploying Chromebooks specifically. However, 60 percent agree that browser-based access to Windows applications on Chromebooks would make them a viable solution for their schools. 

"This survey suggests that schools are searching for a solution that allows them to integrate cost-efficient Chromebooks into the learning environment without sacrificing access to Windows and other applications," stated Ilan Paretsky, Vice President of Marketing at Ericom Software. "HMTL5 browser-based remote access provides K-12 schools with a simple solution by making both desktop and cloud-based Windows applications available through a standard browser – a two-for-one solution, simplifying life for both users and IT staff."

According to the survey, one-to-one initiatives are also emerging as a popular solution in K-12 learning environments. Almost three-quarters (73 percent) of respondents' schools consider one-to-one capability when evaluating IT solutions. However, according to 71 percent of respondents, at this point, school-issued devices such as laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks, are limited to use during the school day and on school property. 

Based on survey results, K-12 schools are using a mixture of strategies to increase device access. 46 percent of respondents indicated that their school's top priority is giving every student access to a device within the next three years.

Although survey data shows that currently only 24 percent of students have access to devices inside and outside of school, BYOD is becoming a popular way to extend educational technology beyond the classroom. Currently, 43 percent of respondents' schools have a BYOD policy in place. 

Ericom was also able to gain insight into several current K-12 mobile technology trends:  

  • Over 80 percent of respondents prefer mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks) over desktops for use in schools
  • Tablets are falling out of fashion; 71 percent of respondents prefer laptops or Chromebooks as classroom devices while only 8 percent prefer tablets 

  • Almost three-quarters (68 percent) of schools support online and cloud-based initiatives

View the full survey report here:

Ericom Software's AccessNow browser-based remote access solution allows students and faculty to easily access Windows and other web-based applications from any device, including desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, using any HTML5-compliant browser and without downloading any additional software or hardware. For more information, visit:

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