The British Library and Five Other Legal Deposit Libraries across the UK and Ireland Use Ericom AccessNow™ to Provide Secure Web Access to the Libraries' Digital Content
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The British Library and Five Other Legal Deposit Libraries across the UK and Ireland Use Ericom AccessNow™ to Provide Secure Web Access to the Libraries’ Digital Content

Ericom’s innovative HTML5-based solution gives researchers, students and other readers single-click access to digital content in a tightly controlled environment

DROITWICH, England (July 17, 2013) - Ericom Software, a global leader in application access and desktop virtualisation solutions, announced today that The British Library and five other libraries across the UK and Ireland have chosen Ericom AccessNow to help them meet legislative requirements to both store and provide highly secure and strictly controlled access to cultural and intellectual resources. As a web based clientless solution, AccessNow enables registered readers (authorised users) at The British Library and five other legal deposit libraries across the UK and Ireland to remotely access the libraries’ highly regulated content quickly, easily and securely. The Ericom solution enables secure access to the libraries’ legal deposit resources within the reading rooms from secure workstations, with potential for accessing from personal devices, such as tablets and smartphones, via the libraries’ secure WiFi networks.

In choosing a solution that would comply with the latest legislative requirements for controlled media storage and access control, the British Library chose Ericom’s solution over Citrix’s as it was less complicated to use, more secure and cost-effective. The Ericom AccessNow solution runs in an environment of Microsoft RDS servers running on HP blades employing VMware virtualisation.

Mike Euesden, project manager for the Legal Deposit Libraries Access Project at the British Library, explained: “Legislation stipulates that we can only allow one person to look at each digital resource in any library at any one time.” Lewis Crawford, manager of the British Library’s Architecture Group, added: “The British Library had to find a balance between providing the best services for users, while protecting the interests of publishers and meeting the requirements of legislation. Ericom’s AccessNow enables us to do precisely this.”

Mr. Crawford added: “The Citrix solution that we looked into required software to be downloaded onto each individual client device and was associated with some potential security risks. Ericom’s HTML5-based AccessNow provides the convenience of single click access to secure, centrally managed digital content without having to download any client software. An extra bonus is that Ericom’s AccessNow technology was very cost-effective to deploy in comparison to the quotes provided for a Citrix solution.”

AccessNow is helping the libraries in their bid to both regulate and improve services within the library system and reduce costs, thereby enabling the libraries to meet the demands of more users and greater content.

Ericom Managing Director for the UK, Ian Platt, commented: “We are delighted to be part of this ground breaking project. The six official Legal Deposit Libraries in the UK and Ireland have chosen AccessNow for implementing this new service for library users.” Mr. Platt added: “Our AccessNow solution is a revolution in how organisations deliver secure remote access while maintaining information security and control. Today’s internet savvy user wants to be able to gain access to such a vast collection of digital content securely from any device across different libraries.”

Ericom AccessNow benefits include:

  • Allows students, researchers and other library users to access digital resources easily
  • Eliminates the need to download software onto each individual user device
  • Opens digital resources quickly, in the correct application needed to view them
  • Blocks unauthorised access which improves information confidentiality – no data copied onto clients
  • Ensures tight security, preventing illegal downloads and copying
  • Works on iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks, and on Windows / Linux PCs and Macs, netbooks and locked down workstations
  • Extends the reach of VMware View, Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop, Dell (Quest) vWorkspace, Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect, and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop (RD) Connection Broker, to Chromebook and other HTML5-enabled devices and browsers
  • Simple, easy and inexpensive to maintain - does not require any infrastructure for deployment, upgrades or patches - simply put the new version on the server
  • Integrates with the Ericom Secure Gateway, which can be used with or instead of a VPN or an SSL VPN
  • Supports the latest bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives
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