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Ericom Software Introduces Host Access for HP® Host Systems Using PowerTerm Pro for HP

Hackensack, NJ, December 22, 1999 -- PowerTerm Pro for HP supports terminal emulations for HP 700/92 and HP700/96, supporting NS/VT and Telnet, while providing comprehensive connectivity protocol support over TCP/IP. PowerTerm Pro for HP provides full access to HP 3000 systems from any multi-user Windows® desktop applications including 95/98/NT/2000 (NT5) platforms.

Designed to create a complete work environment utilizing a new GUI that is compatible with Windows 2000, it is the first terminal emulation product that allows for total integration and full customization in the Windows environment while maintaining accurate and effective terminal emulation. PowerTerm Pro for HP allows for seamless integration into all Office products, including Office 97, Office 2000 and the WordPerfect Suite from Corel Corporation. Ericom's PowerTerm Pro for HP maximizes enterprise-wide productivity by enabling reliable, easy access to accounting, inventory, management, transaction processing and other mission critical legacy applications located on HP host systems.

Robert McGowan, Director of Marketing for Ericom Software Inc., states that, "Our entry into the HP host market segment presents Ericom the opportunity to extend our leading host connectivity technology into a substantial and savvy market. Until now, the market has been unable to take advantage of our intelligent product design and channel friendly distribution model". McGowan further stated that after introducing PowerTerm Pro for HP at the HP World show in San Francisco in August, Ericom Software Inc. reported dramatic increases in their sales. PowerTerm Pro for HP combines traditional terminal emulation features with advanced and user-friendly features to help create an entire work environment for helping to increase productivity. In addition, PowerTerm Pro for HP allows users to access email and the Internet. PowerTerm related files are easily viewed and sent through the user's native email client providing the convenience of full web browsing compatibility from within PowerTerm Pro's interface.

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