Ericom Software Gets Psion Netbooks Connected
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Ericom Software Gets Psion Netbooks Connected

Ericom Software's - PowerTerm WebConnect adds a new dimension to connectivity for the PSION netBook

Ericom Software, a leading provider of enterprise-wide connectivity solutions has been named as a connectivity partner by Psion Teklogix for its netBook mobile terminal. Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect allows Psion's 100% Java enabled netBook real-time access to an organization's customer relationship (CRM), financial and management applications and information via a LAN, WAN or wireless network. Employing Java technology, PowerTerm WebConnect requires no software to be installed or configured on the netBook and provides a secure method of access to any number of different back-office systems while remote from the office.

Because PowerTerm WebConnect runs a web browser as the user interface, users will find the interface very intuitive. An organization's mobile personnel can now securely and easily access their central computer systems without the necessity of coming back into the office to be set up or trained. PowerTerm WebConnect also allows IT staff to interact with remote users in real-time, providing support, training and application assistance.

The netBook is the world's first Java-enabled mobile computing device, enabling enterprises to put mobile employees in touch with task-critical information that resides within the confines of their offices. With the netBook, organizations can have the power of Java combined with the 'instant-on', ease of use, reliability and robustness of a new range of mobile network computers.

The combination of the netBook and PowerTerm WebConnect is a highly integrated solution that demonstrates the capabilities of both Psion and Ericom's web connectivity strategy. Ideal for hospitals, government and corporate mobile workers, the netBook and PowerTerm WebConnect solution provides the perfect partnership to address today's wireless application and data access requirements.

Ericom Software's UK Managing Director, Ian Platt, said, "Putting the Java platform on to a Psion handheld device and coupling it with secure web connectivity is accessing the real benefits of mobile, flexible computing. With PowerTerm WebConnect, netBook users can be on the road, in clients' offices, or at the back of a warehouse, yet access the full power and information of their host network. It's all about partnering information and technology; the benefits are immediate and it puts netBook users steps ahead of less capable hand-held devices.

"Today's announcement highlights the work Psion is doing to combine our range of devices with industry-leading partner technologies to give netBook users a complete mobile e-business solution," said Jamie Bodley-Scott, Market Development Manager of Psion Teklogix. "Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect allows systems managers to give remote users support, assistance and training, allowing netBook users to work even more efficiently while out of the office."

About Psion Teklogix:
Psion Teklogix provides mobile computing solutions for the enterprise. The company' s systems, installed in more than 10,000 sites worldwide, provide mobile workers with anytime, anywhere access to enterprise IT systems. Psion Teklogix offers one of the widest ranges of connectivity options, and a choice of real-time, near-time and batch technologies. The largest operating division of Psion PLC, Psion Teklogix plays a key role in its parent company's vision to create new ways to access mobile data and the mobile internet. Psion Teklogix has 43 sales and support offices and 95 independent distributors throughout the world.