e-Business Web-to-host connectivity with support for SSH2
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Ericom Launches New Version of e-Business Web-to-Host Connectivity Solution

Hackensack, NJ November 2001...Ericom® Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise connectivity and e-Business solutions, announced today the availability of PowerTerm® WebConnect 3.3.0, an upgrade to its e-Business Web-to-host connectivity solution. PowerTerm WebConnect provides secure access to host-based applications and data via the Internet, intranets or extranets. The new version includes added security for UNIX systems with support for SSH2, the latest SSH® Secure Shell protocol.

PowerTerm WebConnect offers browser-based, Web-to-host terminal emulation to UNIX and other host systems, including IBM Mainframe, AS/400, HP/3000, OpenVMS, Tandem, SCO and Data General. The software provides both Java and Active X access to the server. No client installation is needed. Centralized management and single point installation streamline administration and increase ROI.

PowerTerm WebConnect's built-in security features integrate the latest SSL and SSH protocols to ensure that all Web-to-host sessions are fully secure. With SSH2, PowerTerm WebConnect offers the highest level of authentication and communications for UNIX users, with RSA public key cryptography, digital certificates and encrypted password-protection.

"PowerTerm WebConnect offers maximum performance and productivity within a safe, protected environment," commented Eran Heyman, Founder and CEO of Ericom Software, Inc. "The latest release adds a new level of security benefits, ensuring total security and reliability for UNIX connections."

Ericom's e-Business Suite includes PowerTerm WebConnect as well as PowerTerm Host Publisher, which transforms legacy applications into services that can be accessed via SOAP/XML, COM/DCOM, and Java. Organizations can rapidly integrate with next-generation e-Business tools and applications, such as CRM, sales automation, transaction processing and more - with ZERO changes to legacy systems.