Toronto Public Library Selects PowerTerm InterConnect to Access Integrated Library System
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Toronto Public Library Selects PowerTerm InterConnect to Access Integrated Library System

Hackensack, NJ November 2000 -- Ericom® Software, Inc. announced today that the Toronto Public Library has selected PowerTerm InterConnect to access the Toronto Public Library's Integrated Library System.

The Toronto Public Library's staff uses the Integrated Library System for circulation, catalogue searching, acquisitions, cataloguing, and processing which is all transacted via Telnet. Staff users at over 1,100 PCs, at 98 locations throughout Toronto, Ontario use the system. The Toronto Public Library uses the systems to handle the circulation of over 25 million items, as well as more than 600,000 items that are acquired, catalogued and processed in a year.

PowerTerm InterConnect is a robust terminal emulation program supporting the host access needs of large and small organizations. It allows organizations to standardize on a single host access solution. PowerTerm InterConnect allows simple and easy terminal emulation of a wide range of terminal types and platforms. This allows the Integrated Library System to be accessed via personal computers instead of limited usage terminals. The functionality of the FTP (file transfer protocol) allows the Toronto Public Library's staff to download their PC backup files to their host server via the FTP, when the Integrated Library System is not available.

"The Integrated Library System is our primary business application. PowerTerm InterConnect supports all the functionality that the staff requires when accessing the system. Our IT staff is pleased with the advanced and more user friendly emulation features", stated Ron Dyck, Director, Information Technology & Bibliographic Services for the Toronto Public Library.

Toronto Public Library:

The Toronto Public Library is the largest library system in Canada. Its 98 branches have a long history of responsive service to the 2.6 million citizens of Toronto. Residents of Toronto borrowed more than 25.2 million items each year.